5 must-have beauty apps for a fresh, new look this spring

From virtually trying on makeup to ordering a beauty professional to your door, here are the top beauty apps to download.

Check out our favorite mobile beauty tools. Check out our favorite mobile beauty tools. Check out our favorite mobile beauty tools. (Photo: gpointstudio/Shutterstock)

These days, apps simplify so many areas of our lives. We order car rides and food, pay bills, shop and read. So why not make your beauty routine easier on yourself? We've rounded up five cutting-edge beauty apps you should download now to save you time and money, all while helping you achieve the fresh, new spring look you’re after.

1. MissBeez

Israeli startup MissBeez makes on-the-go gals’ lives a whole lot easier by providing them a way to order beauty services to their offices or homes. Those in need of an at-home beauty session simply choose the beauty service they need, select a beauty professional based on rating, location and availability, and request the time and location that fits their busy schedule. In no-time, a beauty professional will arrive at the user’s door for their personal pampering session. This on-demand beauty service makes scheduling appointments far in advance, and spending time traveling to and from a salon, a thing of the past.

2. Mistfit Shine

Beauty sleep is a key to soft, glowing skin.Beauty sleep is a key to soft, glowing skin. (Photo: Mazan Xeniya/Shutterstock)

According to Dr. Nigma Talib’s new book “Younger Skin Starts in the Gut,” studies have shown that poor sleepers generally have greater signs of skin aging, including more fine lines, increased pigmentation and reduced elasticity. They call it beauty sleep for a reason! The Misfit Shine app tracks your beauty sleep and health regimen – monitoring food intake, daily activity and sleep patterns – so you can ensure you’re giving your body what it needs to shine from the inside out. The app's sleep tracker works with a smart alarm to get you on a sleeping schedule that will make you feel energized, beautiful and well-rested.

3. Visada

The San Francisco-based startup has created an app that's like having a personal makeup artist guiding you at all times. After uploading a selfie (we know you have a few of them ready to go in your camera roll), Visada then analyzes your picture to develop a personalized beauty profile. The app breaks down an assessment of your skin and eye care, offering up suggestions on how to improve your skincare and beauty regimen. For hair and makeup, Visada will share personalized product suggestions in specific colors and shades.

4. Glamsquad

Glamsquad is an on-demand, in-home beauty service that sends the hair stylist and makeup artist straight to you.Glamsquad is an on-demand, in-home beauty service that sends the hair stylist and makeup artist straight to you. (Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock)

Styling your hair is time-consuming and a real hassle. Glamsquad, which was founded in New York City, allows you to book a hairstylist directly to your door for a blowout, a braided hairstyle – perhaps to go with a pretty flower crown – or an updo from their style menu. This app is perfect if you’re looking to get glammed up for a wedding or special event. Glamsquad’s trusted and trained professionals can arrive in hours or days in advance.

5. Try It On

We’ve all bought a beauty product only to soon discover it just doesn’t work, but we’ve removed the packaging so we can't return it. Israeli startup EZ Face enables women to try on beauty products virtually using their mobile device while shopping in a store. Users upload an image of their face, and the app analyzes their distinct facial features, skin pigments and tones. The user then scans the UPC of the beauty item they're considering buying, and the product attributes are quickly matched to the data about the user's face. Within seconds, a rendition appears of what the user should expect the makeup to look like when applied.

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