Taylor Swift's best gifts to her fans

The pop superstar makes sure she lets her best fans share in her success.

Taylor Swift selfieTaylor Swift selfieTaylor Swift pauses to take a selfie with a young fan outside the 2012 ARIA Awards in Sydney, Austrailia. (Photo: Brendon Thorne / Getty Images)

Sunday was a good night for Taylor Swift; not only did she play guitar for Madonna at the iHeartRadio awards, she also won awards for artist of the year and song of the year for "Shake It Off." Judging by her Twitter feed, though, backing Madge is going to be the part of the night Swift remembers most:

Swift's fangirl-ness is one of the things that makes the pop superstar endearing to her fans. But, unlike most pop stars who say they love their fans, Swift actually shows how much they mean to her. Over the last half-decade or so, there have been many stories about the cool interactions Swift has had with her fans, either during random public encounters or set events. 

As her world tour ramps up – with stops in such cities as Chicago, London, and possibly Tel Aviv – let's spotlight some of her top fan moments.

She lets fans into her home... and bakes cookies

NYC memories.. #1989SecretSessions

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Before "1989" was released, Swift held "Secret Sessions" at each of her homes. She "stalked" her social media accounts to find her most ardent fans and sent them invites to a private listening party. She even baked homemade cookies for her guests. Can't imagine U2 doing this, right?

She sent gifts to fans based on their social media profiles

Swift and her people went "Taylurking" again during the holidays, studying the likes and favorites of her various fans on social media. She sent the most loyal among them hand-picked and, if the video is to be believed, hand-wrapped gifts, sometimes via mail, sometimes delivered personally.

She takes lots of selfies with fans

It doesn't matter if they're crowding the stage entrance during one of her talk show visits or at a concert meet-and-greet; Swift not only says hello, but takes the time to accommodate selfie requests, even if there are dozens of fans with their cameras out. And it never seems like she takes a bad picture of herself. Just ask Jill Ralke, who tweeted to Swift that she was going to the Grammys. Swift's team found her and invited her backstage for a meeting with the star. The selfies above are proof of the encounter.

She gave a fan money to eat at Chipotle

As Swift was doing an interview on the lake in Central Park, a group of fans rowed up to the gazebo she was in hoping for a picture. Instead of having her security push them away, she said hello and, when she found out that one of the fans was going to celebrate her birthday with friends at Chipotle, Swift reached into her purse and gave the girl 90 bucks. A good photo op? Sure. But $90 buys a heck of a lot of burritos.

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