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Oz Pearlman uses Heidi Klum as a blindfold

Mentalist performs a trick he hopes will get him into the 'AGT' finals on Sept. 15.

Oz Pearlman AGT semifinalsOz Pearlman AGT semifinalsHeidi Klum covers Oz Pearlman's eyes during his performance in the "America's Got Talent" semifinals at Radio City Music Hall. (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/NBC)

Oz Pearlman continued his run on "America's Got Talent" last night, deciding to bring up Howard Stern and Heidi Klum for his semifinals trick. Really, it just involved Stern, as Klum served as the mentalist's glamorous blindfold. Essentially he poured five different beverages into small cups and, while his eyes were covered, had to guess which beverage Stern had just sipped. While not as mind-blowing as his gumball trick from last week, it was still one that left you trying to figure out how he was able to know which drink Stern had just had in his hand.

And, just so he didn't leave Mel B and Howie Mandel out, he guessed the drink that Mel was pretending to drink and then told Mandel he was thinking of a scent of strawberry, banana and chocolate.

The stuff with Mandel was more off-the-cuff, the Israeli-born Pearlman told From The Grapevine this morning. But other parts of last night's trick were pulled from his act. And he's even happy that he didn't guess 100% to the letter that Mel B's martini had two olives, because, as he said, missing stuff "adds realism to what I'm doing. it was real. She could have said anything at that moment. I'm in just about as much anticipation as the audience."


This bit was definitely more about Oz's ability to command a stage than his ability as a "dirty wizard," as Stern called him, but it's still strong enough to get him in the finals on Sept. 15. What does Pearlman think of his chances this week? "I don't know, it's anyone's guess. Everyone around me is confident, but I don't necessarily feel the same way. I think the family and friends have to say that," he said.

"I think this week is much tougher, the competition is stronger. I didn't have a lot of time to prepare for this week," as he didn't find out about his status until last Wednesday night. "There were a lot of singers this week and the judges were quite a bit rough on them, so I don't know how that'll play out. All five won't go through."

We'll find out if it was enough during the results show tonight at 8 on NBC. Pearlman 's looking forward to the vote, not because he'll be a finalist if he goes through, but because "I just want another shot to perform again; it'll be amazing. I've got really great stuff planned."

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