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Oz Pearlman’s jaw-dropping trick stuns on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Mentalist asks judges to do the mind-reading. The results? Amazing!

Oz Pearlman AGT quarterfinalsOz Pearlman AGT quarterfinalsOz Pearlman used an Instagram prediction and a jar of gumballs to blow the minds of the "AGT" judges during the live quarterfinals. (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/NBC)

We won't know until tonight whether mentalist Oz Pearlman moves on to the semi-finals of "America's Got Talent." But after watching his trick during last night's live quarterfinals, we think he has a pretty good shot.

If you're a reader of this site, you know we've been all over the climb of the Israeli native, who used his combo of observation and analysis to not only guess where Mel B went on vacation and what celebrity Howard Stern was thinking about, but also what the Sunday "Today" show crew was thinking. And in the most "amazing" feat, the ultramarathoner read my mind and guessed the obscure name of the person I was interviewing later that week.

But the trick he performed at Radio City Music Hall blew all those away. It involved a jar of gumballs, Nick Cannon holding an envelope, an Instagram prediction from earlier in the day and a finale that's hard to believe but also tough to figure out. He even managed to get Heidi Klum to show the audience her stunning dress for no particular reason. Watch and be amazed:


"There was a very real chance of failure," Pearlman told From The Grapevine this morning. "I had no idea the judges would pick the same number, that was in no way planned or staged and took everything I had in my mental arsenal to still make it all come together at that moment.

"I'm hoping that America enjoyed my act, got some good laughs and like me enough to earn their votes. There's amazing talent in my group and I'm eagerly and nervously anticipating the results tonight."

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