OneRepublic delivers blistering performance

American rockers wow 20,000 fans in Israel this week.

OneRepublic Tel AvivOneRepublic Tel AvivRyan Tedder entertains the audience during OneRepublic's concert in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Andrea Lowenstein)

International tours are beneficial for both the band touring and its fans ... if they're done right. The Backstreet Boys had a blast earlier this month, having fun in Israel for a few days before playing for enthusiastic crowds. Now it looks like the guys in OneRepublic have taken a page from BSB, sightseeing and enjoying themselves before hitting the stage in Tel Aviv.

The band, who is still touring in support of their 2013 album "Native," played for 20,000 enthusiastic fans in Yarkon Park, after a couple of days of touring Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The group, best known for hits like "Counting Stars" and "Apologize," didn't disappoint during its performance.

Andrea Lowenstein, an American who moved to Israel, had a blast at the concert. "I was a fan of the music, but now I fell in love with the band,” she told From the Grapevine. “[Lead singer] Ryan [Tedder] was humble, grateful, and delivered an incredible performance. I left with deep admiration, adoration, and totally blown away!” Lowenstein adds that the band mentioned during the show that they have plans to return to Israel for future concerts.

Chani Turk, who attended the concert with her husband and two teenagers, agrees with Lowenstein. “It was amazing!” the Chicago native told From The Grapevine. “Their music was great. They loved the audience and they looked like they were having a great time themselves up on stage."

As you might expect in 2015, almost immediately after the show was over, fan videos of the concert popped up, like this one, where the intrepid fan recorded the band singing "Counting Stars" (good job concentrating on the big screen instead of the distant stage):

Here's the band singing "I Lose Myself":

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