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Millennials rejoice! Classic 'Reading Rainbow' episodes hit Netflix

Meanwhile, LeVar Burton is shooting new episodes around the world.

LeVar BurtonLeVar BurtonClassic episodes of LeVar Burton's "Reading Rainbow" are now available on Netflix. (Photo: Courtesy of RRKids)

When word went around about LeVar Burton's mega-successful Kickstarter campaign to create a new online version of his classic PBS series "Reading Rainbow," millennials everywhere relived their childhoods, reading along with Burton as he went through one great book after another. But the chance that they were going to watch the new episodes was minimal, because, well ... they're now grownups.

But now they can scratch their nostalgic itch by firing up Netflix and showing their kids episodes from the original 1983-2006 run. Starting on Saturday, the streaming service will add "Reading Rainbow Volume 1" to its roster of TV shows and movies. We're guessing that "Volume 1" will contain episodes from early in the show's run, featuring a young, flat-topped, pre-"Star Trek" Burton, and kids who are now in their early 40s.


The "RR" revival has been underway for awhile now, as Burton started his quest to make an online and app version of the program since 2012. But for the past year, he's been filming segments for their "Video Field Trips" and other YouTube series. He recently filmed a number of these segments in Israel, and also spoke to an education conference there. The first of those videos, where he rides in a driverless car, hit YouTube in June:


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