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LeVar Burton passionate about using technology to educate

The 'Reading Rainbow' creator shares ideas at Israel's Shaping the Future III Edtech conference.

LeVar BurtonLeVar BurtonLeVar Burton re-launched "Reading Rainbow" as an app and website after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. (Photo: Larry Busacca / Getty Images)

Anyone who's familiar with LeVar Burton's career over the last 30 years knows that his interests lie in technology (he was Geordi La Forge on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," after all) and education. Now, he's trying to marry both, reviving his landmark PBS show "Reading Rainbow" as an app and website after a massively successful Kickstarter campaign.

While he was in Israel filming segments of the site's "Video Field Trip" feature, Burton spoke at the Shaping The Future III Edtech conference, and the topic was about how he's been able to unite his two interests to make "Rainbow."


The best part of the video is when Burton talks about when he first fell in love with technology, while watching William Shatner playing Captain Kirk in the original "Star Trek." It must have been thrilling to watch Kirk whip out that communicator, then see the concept come to life 30 years later when the flip phone was invented. But, like Burton, we wonder why there weren't any pockets in the future. That's where the communicator should have gone, right next to Kirk's keys and a pack of gum.

Burton started the speech with a fun Israeli-American greeting that he shows in the picture below, which he posted on his MobyPicture account.

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