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Wonder Woman is the new face of Gucci

Actress Gal Gadot puts her skills to the test in a new ad for the fashion icon's latest fragrance, Bamboo.

Gal Gadot GucciGal Gadot GucciGal Gadot stars in a new ad campaign for the Gucci fragrance "Bamboo." (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/Gucci)

This is going to be one awfully busy week for Gal Gadot. She will make a huge splash at Comic-Con this week, appearing on two panels, one of which is for the highly anticipated release "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice." She is also prominently featured as Wonder Woman on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Now, in non-superhero news, the Israeli actress and model is the new face of Gucci, starring in a campaign for Bamboo, the company's just-launched fragrance.

Call it "Gal's Moment." Just as she makes her way into the hearts of comic fans everywhere as the Amazonian warrior, she continues to burnish her fashion and style bona fides. "I’m very open-minded to all genres, but I really want to portray a strong, independent woman," she told Style.com, and in this Gucci campaign, she's pretty much both. From dancing to fencing to driving a vintage sports car to (gulp!) playing the piano in her birthday suit, the woman in the ad knows what she wants and how to get it.


All of this seems to be par for the course for the self-proclaimed "tomboy," but we're not sure we believe this line: "I’m still trying to figure out how to put on eyeliner properly – I’m still working on that." Gal, no need to worry. It looks like you're doing just fine in that department.

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