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'Boom!' amps up the quiz show tension

New Fox game show, featuring a ticking clock, a bomb and wire cutters, debuts Thursday.

Boom FoxBoom FoxA contestant gets sprayed with goo after cutting the wrong wire (i.e. giving a wrong answer) on the new FOX game show "Boom!," based on a format from Israeli company Keshet. (Photo: Ray Mickshaw / FOX)

We're not sure who at Keshet, the Israeli TV production company, came up with the concept for "Boom!," but it's pretty ingenious. Answers to a trivia question are represented by colored wires on a cartoon-style "bomb." You pick an answer by cutting a wire; pick the wrong answer, and things get messy, like guacamole and maple syrup messy. Pick a right answer and you get to cut another wire.

When you're down to one wire and you haven't made a mess, you've "defused" the "bomb" by giving all the right answers. The money associated with that question goes into the contestants' bank to be risked later in the show. How messy can it get? The audience wears ponchos to protect themselves from flying goo. Oh, and all of this is on a clock; don't cut all the "right" wires in time, and those ponchos will get doused.

It's a format that Keshet has been able to market all over the world, including the U.S. The American version premieres this Thursday on FOX and is hosted by comedian Tom Papa. In the preview below, a contestant is supposed to guess the iPhone apps whose icons contain a single letter (think Facebook and Pandora). One of the answers is wrong, and if she picks that one... well, you know what will happen.

Will staring at her phone for hours on end pay off, or will she and the audience get slimed? Watch below to find out.


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