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6 international shows coming to your TV soon

Get ready for small-screen versions of 'Taken' and 'War and Peace,' plus the first Chinese show adapted for the U.S.

MIPCOMMIPCOMA scene from MIPCOM in Cannes, France. (Photo: Valery Hache / AFP/Getty Images)

Last spring we talked about the great shows being marketed at the MIPTV conference. Currently, the event's fall cousin, MIPCOM, is going on in Cannes, France, with production companies and networks from around the world making deals. Of course, what intrigues us about the conference are the internationally developed shows coming to U.S. TVs in the coming months. Here are six shows being marketed at MIPCOM that we're looking forward to seeing in 2016.


Liam Neeson TakenLiam Neeson's "Taken" trilogy will get the prequel treatment in a new NBC TV series. (Photo: EuropaCorp)

Yes, there will be a television version of the movie trilogy that made Liam Neeson into a 60-year-old action star. The series, produced by EuropaCorp's U.S. studio, will be a prequel to the movies, showing a younger version of Neeson's character Bryan Mills making his way through the CIA. NBC has made a straight-to-series order (in other words, they didn't see a pilot first).

'Dating Hunter'

Dating HunterA screenshot from "Dating Hunter," the first Chinese series to be adapted for American audiences. (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/Croton Media)

Believe it or not, this is the first Chinese show to be adapted for the American market, thanks to Keshet Studios, the Hollywood-based studio started by Israeli production company Keshet International. It's the story of a publicist who starts a dating agency after the ad firm he works for goes belly up. He hires people called "emotional planners" to match up couples. No American network has been attached yet.

'War and Peace'

Weinstein, Penhale, James"War and Peace" executive producers Faith Penhale and Harvey Weinstein pose with star Lily James at MIPCOM in Cannes, France. (Photo: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images)

A new adaptation of the Tolstoy epic, and the first joint production between The Weinstein Company and the BBC. The stars are Lily James ("Downton Abbey"), Paul Dano, Jim Broadbent and Gillian Anderson. A+E Networks has already bought the rights to air it in the U.S., with A&E, Lifetime and History set to air the ambitious miniseries.

'False Flag'

False FlagA still from Keshet International production "False Flag." The Israeli company will produce an American version of the series. (Photo: Courtesy of Keshet International)

Another Keshet production, "False Flag" is about five ordinary citizens who are ensnared in an international kidnapping incident, accused of the crime and on their own to defend themselves. Keshet sold the format to Fox's international channels, and a U.S. version is already in development.


John WooJohn Woo will be producing the series "Cognition." (Photo: Frederic Nebinger/Getty Images)

Produced by John Woo ("Face/Off") and Britain's Catalyst Global Media, "Cognition" centers around a man who tries to get his memories of investigating a serial killer removed in order to cure his cancer. But he gets sucked back in when copycat murders happen. No American network has been attached yet.

'These Final Hours'


Another EuropraCorp show, "These Final Hours" is based on the Australian movie, and the pilot will be written and directed by the movie's director, Zak Hilditch. It involves the hours before an apocalyptic meteor strike as people begin racing to get to a bomb shelter. FOX has bought the U.S. rights to the show.

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