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Zach Pontz

Zach Pontz is a writer and photographer for From The Grapevine. Among the many publications he has contributed unique lifestyle and culture content to are Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Vice, The Economist, and CNN.

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What is tahini?

This sesame spread plays a major role in many diets around the world.

GoPro captures animals drinking at the trough

These thirsty creatures certainly won't win points for decorum.

What are the health benefits of thyme?

Versatile herb used to lower blood pressure, fight the flu – even treat acne.

How was the moon formed? Scientists think they have it figured out

New research supports popular belief that the moon formed after Earth collided with another planet.

Breath test could diagnose stomach cancer

Researchers say the simple test is accurate and effective.

There's a hockey team where?

You'll be surprised to learn what countries have national hockey teams

Building a better future in Cameroon

Construction of a school in the African country brings hope.

Nice to smell you

Do you realize you sniffed your hand after that last handshake? Here's why.

France bans underweight models

Country also outlaws promoting unhealthy behavior to lose weight.

'Artoo in Love' finds R2D2 looking for love

This short film may tug at your heartstrings.

10 great sandwiches from around the world

Feast your eyes on these yummy lunch creations.

7 chocolate-covered treats from around the world

You can cover pretty much anything in chocolate.

Watch this! Wearable technology for the fashion-forward

The smartwatch gets a style upgrade.

Affordable student housing in the form of … shipping containers?

This small house/sustainable architecture trend is heating up.

This artist proves recycled bike parts make the best pets

Nirat Levav transforms trash into lovable mutts.