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Sarah F. Berkowitz

Sarah F. Berkowitz was born in Jerusalem, raised in Detroit, and currently lives in Atlanta with her Manhattan born and bred husband. Her dream of becoming a psychologist was traded in for a laptop and chef’s hat when she decided to pursue her passion for writing and food. Sarah enjoys cooking, trying to get food to stay still for a good shot, and convincing her kids that they’re really lucky to have a chef as a mom. They’re still waiting for dinner.

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Iced coffee bars

Assemble a mouth-watering, cool and refreshing layered coffee dessert in just minutes.

Cherry pineapple donuts with lemon glaze

Here’s an easy way to pack sweet cherries and fresh pineapple into a fabulous baked (not fried) donut.

How to make falafel in the microwave

All you need is a mug to prepare these delicious, protein-packed falafel balls.

Carob hazelnut brownies

Who knew an ingredient sourced to the Mediterranean carob tree could produce such rich, fudgy brownies?

Chocolate matcha and vanilla bean cheesecake

You’ll want to skip the meal and head straight to dessert with this stunning chocolate cheesecake.

Orange rhubarb cake with hazelnut streusel

This aromatic, fruity breakfast loaf cake is bursting with tangy flavors and topped with a sweet, nutty crunch.

Strawberry cantaloupe smoothie

This refreshing fruity beverage is a perfect start to your summer picnic or dinner party.

Vegan creamy potato salad

Easy, wholesome salad with a nutrient-rich dressing that’s perfect for your plant-based guests.

Banana dark chocolate paleo flax muffins

This banana muffin recipe has everything going for it – it’s moist, fluffy, and filled with dark chocolate and other super nutrients.

One-pot teriyaki veggies with buckwheat

This is a meal fit for a (healthy) king, and takes just minutes to cook.

Chocolate chip cookie cake

Your guests will gush over this oversized, cream-filled cookie dessert.

Panko crusted salmon fillets

Seasoned crispy bread crumb coating over honey mustard salmon yields some serious umami.

Easy cauliflower crust pizza

Bet you never knew making cauliflower crust pizza was this easy!

Apple snickerdoodles

A favorite cookie reimagined with bursts of apple and almond flavor.

How to make your own cashew butter

Whip up a batch of creamy homemade cashew butter in minutes, without having to use the packaged stuff.