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Sarah F. Berkowitz

Sarah F. Berkowitz was born in Jerusalem, raised in Detroit, and currently lives in Atlanta with her Manhattan born and bred husband. Her dream of becoming a psychologist was traded in for a laptop and chef’s hat when she decided to pursue her passion for writing and food. Sarah enjoys cooking, trying to get food to stay still for a good shot, and convincing her kids that they’re really lucky to have a chef as a mom. They’re still waiting for dinner.

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Date cake with mandarin orange glaze

A dense, sweet cake with the unique flavor of dates and a sweet, fruity glaze.

Oatmeal pecan craisin cookies

Highly satisfying and filling cookies packed with flavor and fiber.

Italian breaded chicken with onion rings

An easy weeknight dinner for nights when there’s no time to fuss.

Peanut butter cheesecake

Luscious, light cheesecake made with peanut butter cookies and a crunchy chocolate topping.

Sweet and sour turkey meatballs in cranberry sauce

Mouth-watering meatballs with a lighter touch and a sweet, slightly tangy finish.

Banana black cherry ice cream

Cool, creamy, fresh and fruity – ice cream doesn’t get much better than this.

Banana chocolate chip muffins with caramel bits

An explosion of caramely, chocolatey, banana goodness baked in a light, sweet muffin.

Roasted chili carrots

Forget the fries – these sweet and spicy carrots are a filling snack and an eye-catching side dish.

Veal bone broth with root vegetables

A rich, tasty soup with a tantalizing smell and plenty of sweet and savory vegetables.

Cashew date balls with coconut flakes

These sweet, nutty dessert treats are a wonderful substitute for typical sugar-laden confections.

Vegetarian whole wheat 'pepperoni' pizza

A new take on a classic favorite with better-for-you and great-tasting ingredients.

Asparagus with fried shallots and grape tomatoes

A sweet and savory, brightly colored vegetable dish that will pair beautifully with any entrée.

Sweet potato and kale soup

Filling, sweet and nutritious, this soup hits the spot in both cool and warm weather.

Purple cabbage and bok choy salad with almond butter dressing

Crunchy, bold colored veggies meld with a rich, nutty dressing in this knockout salad.

Garlicky chicken with broccoli

A delicious vegetable and protein combo that’s heavy on flavor and nutrition.