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Sarah F. Berkowitz

Sarah F. Berkowitz was born in Jerusalem, raised in Detroit, and currently lives in Atlanta with her Manhattan born and bred husband. Her dream of becoming a psychologist was traded in for a laptop and chef’s hat when she decided to pursue her passion for writing and food. Sarah enjoys cooking, trying to get food to stay still for a good shot, and convincing her kids that they’re really lucky to have a chef as a mom. They’re still waiting for dinner.

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Spinach mango strawberry salad with ginger date dressing

A bright summer salad with baby spinach, succulent strawberries, mango chunks and a sweet-tart dressing.

Quinoa with Israeli feta and red peppers

Feta, sweet peppers and a robust vinaigrette dressing create an unforgettable quinoa salad that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Mini cappuccino cheesecakes

A dreamy trio of coffee, cheese and chocolate create a decadent medley in these elegant mini-desserts.

Ginger peach muffins

Mouth-watering muffins packed with sweet peaches and flavored with fresh, tangy ginger.

Grilled shawarma-spiced chicken cutlets

The unique aroma and flavors of sizzling shawarma grilled in your own backyard.

Tropical fruit syllabub

Luscious, creamy tropical fruit topped with a zesty whipped cream and fresh fruit chunks.

Shepherd's pie

This old country classic brings together comfort food and savory spices for a fabulous, filling dinner.

Whole wheat pancakes with homemade berry jam

A hearty pancake breakfast packed with fiber, vitamin C and down-home deliciousness.

Apricot chicken with ginger and cayenne pepper

Sweet and spicy flavors combine in this robust, fruity chicken dish.

Cinnamon cappuccino chocolate chunk cookies

The well-loved flavors of coffee, cinnamon and chocolate create a decadent medley in these fudgy cookies.

Tiramisu in cocktail glasses

A rich and creamy no-bake Italian cheese dessert with strong notes of espresso and vodka.

Chocolate cupcakes with mocha cream and chocolate ganache

This easy cupcake recipe with a few fun twists yields a decadent and gourmet dessert.

Garlic herb rolls

Heavenly homemade rolls seasoned to perfection.

Salmon croquettes with lemon dill sauce

Savory salmon cakes pair perfectly with a tart, creamy sauce.

Carrot cauliflower soup

A thick and flavorful blended soup packed with vegetables and fiber-rich beans.