Sarah F. Berkowitz

4-ingredient summer fruit crumble

An easy summery dessert bursting with juicy seasonal fruit and topped with a crispy crumble.

Chocolate fudge pecan crinkle cookies

It’s a piece of fudge in chewy cookie form – what could be better?

Mango coconut cheesecake

You’ll be amazed at the ease of preparing this gorgeous tropical cheesecake – and the mouth-watering results.

Roasted parsnip and curry hummus

The sweetness of roasted parsnip combined with pungent curry yields a fabulous spread for your morning toast, or as a nutritious veggie dip.

Lemon ginger s'mores

Your favorite campfire treat goes gourmet with candied lemon slices and chewy gingersnaps.

Easy strawberry kiwi cheese-filled crepes

A sweet treat using the summer’s finest fruits and a generous scoop of cheese filling.

Apricot almond bites

Simple fruit and nuts make the best candy on Earth.

Double chocolate cherry cookies

Cherries add a fresh summer twist to these surprisingly wholesome fudgy cookies.

Spicy black bean patties

You’ll be hooked on this spicy black bean appetizer from the first crispy bite.

Pomegranate citrus quinoa salad

A refreshing, crunchy salad packed with complete protein, fruits and vegetables for a ‘powerfuel’ lunch.

Chocolate caramel pretzel tart

Rich chocolate filling nestled in a salty pretzel crust and topped with caramel sauce.

Cranberry pistachio biscotti

These delicious, crispy biscotti cookies are packed with grains, fruit and nuts for a high-fiber, filling snack.

Chocolate mint cookie pudding pie

Mint lovers: This one's for you. A glorious dessert that hits all the right notes and pleases all ages.

Wheat-free zucchini lasagna

This amazing lasagna is made without pasta – all the savory goodness, and none of the heaviness.

How to make your own almond herb crackers and almond milk

How cool is it that out of a mere nut and some basic kitchen tools, you can produce milk and crackers?