Sarah F. Berkowitz

How to make your own almond herb crackers and almond milk

How cool is it that out of a mere nut and some basic kitchen tools, you can produce milk and crackers?

Kale, carrots and lima beans with cashew sauce

A powerhouse vegetable combo with a creamy cashew sauce on the side.

Turkey spinach meatloaf with cranberry glaze

It's a lighter version of a meaty classic that doesn't compromise on taste.

Oreo cheesecake bites

One bite and you’ll be in heaven with these creamy, cookie-coated cheesecake delights.

Chocolate pecan ice cream pops

These ice cream pops are a cinch to make, but they look like a five-star gourmet dessert.

Maple-baked pear halves with vanilla bean ice cream and candied nuts

A stunning dessert that melds hot and cold, sweet and spicy, smooth and crunchy – they’ll love this one!

Triple chocolate chili cookies

Chili-infused dark chocolate cookies drizzled with a sweet, spicy chocolate glaze.

Instant Pot London broil

Enjoy tender, flavorful meat in under an hour, start to finish.

Mint dark chocolate brownies

Spruce up an easy brownie mix with high-quality dark chocolate and your favorite mints – and score a perfect dessert that serves double duty!

Instant Pot wheat-free cinnamon pecan brownies

You can finally bake brownies faster than your family can eat them with this Instant Pot recipe for fudgy, double chocolate brownies.

Make your own Mediterranean taco seasoning

A super-easy Mediterranean-inspired spice mix perfect for any type of tacos.

Turmeric chai latte muffins

All the spices from your favorite chai latte packed into a fabulous bakery-style muffin.

Instant Pot sweet and spicy meatballs

Meatballs made in an Instant Pot means you can enjoy this savory meal in half the time.

Instant Pot Mediterranean spiced chicken

This Mediterranean-spiced chicken, chickpea and pepper dish will be ready before you can say 'what's that amazing smell?'

Honey smoked salmon salad

A savory blend of flavors and textures makes this smoky salad a hit every time.