Miriam Kresh - Page 4

Roasted eggplant and bell pepper dip

Live the charred life with this simple, flavor-packed recipe.

Wine? Chocolate? Good food? It's all here at the Tishbi winery

Mellow wine, mellow people make for an enjoyable experience in Israeli wine country.

Chicken wings with Mediterranean herbs

Need a quick appetizer? Go for these appetizing wings.

Cloverleaf dinner rolls

An irresistible, light, pull-apart roll with a tender crumb.

Endives braised with herbs and honey

Endives need be strangers no more.

How to make garlic flan

A silky, savory custard with a mild garlic flavor.

How to make a tart and sweet pomegranate-date drink

According to new research, this simple-to-make concoction is heart-healthy.

Yogurt tahini sauce with roasted eggplants and bell peppers

The sesame spread gets a modern update in this recipe.

Slow-cooked beef with root vegetables

A luscious beef recipe from Baronita restaurant in Israel.

Wine and Plenty festival celebrates boutique wineries

Annual gathering showcases Israel’s hidden vineyards, artists and food.

The ultimate caffeine fix: A trip to a coffee expo

17 countries share their best brews in Tel Aviv.

A chef tames the wild at Eucalyptus

Unique ingredients combine for an unconventional touch in Israel’s fine heritage foods.

How to make Jerusalem bagels

This famous long and sweet bread can easily be made at home.

When life gives you lemons, make Limonana

Cold, minty lemonade is Israel’s culinary contribution to heat relief.

Fresh mushroom salad

Button mushrooms in a lemony, garlicky dressing make an unusual appetizer or light side dish.