Miriam Kresh - Page 3

Chive cream cheese

Ever thought about making your own cream cheese? Here's your best technique.

Peach-filled crepes

Spoil someone with this fresh, luscious summer dessert.

Chicken burgers in a lemony tomato sauce

Swiss chard and potatoes round out a healthy and delicious one-pot meal.

Innovative incubator specializes in wine, gastronomy and tourism

Food, spirits and travel startups get a huge boost from French accelerators.

Pasta salad with broccoli and parmesan

Fresh broccoli, grated parmesan and your favorite pasta make for a light but satisfying side dish.

Summertime is sangria time

Light, sparkling and fruity is the way to go on those hot, steamy summer nights.

Spicy beet salad with tahini

This recipe will change the way you view beets.

Sufganiyot, Israel’s jelly donut

Warm, fresh, light and yeasty. This donut is a well-rounded approach to baked goods.

Easy, crisp, homemade granola

Crunchy and just sweet enough, this is a power cereal you can make yourself.

Israeli salad

The finest flavors of the Mediterranean shine in this humble dish.

Eggplant baked with tomato sauce

An Israeli twist on classic eggplant Parmigiana.

Phyllo squares stuffed with zucchini and feta

Golden, delicately crisp pastry hides a rich, savory filling.

Basil pesto

The classic Italian pasta sauce, more versatile than you think.

Sweet and sour stuffed cabbage rolls

Sweet and sour, subtle and succulent.

Fresh corn salad

A classic summer salad with a Mediterranean twist.