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What do avocados and almonds have to do with bees?

Our resident chef explores colony collapse disorder and what we can all do to help the problem.

10 best craft beers from Israel

Craft beers are popping up all over the country, and our chef taste-tests them all.

The sweet life, with homemade date paste

Fabulous, almost-guilt-free sweetness.

Zucchini cornbread

Golden, tender quick bread with end-of-summer zukes and fresh corn.

Curried chicken with sweet potatoes and apples

Savory and a little sweet, with the pungent touch of curry and wine. That's how chicken is done.

Lamb and plum tajine

This spicy, aromatic Moroccan-style lamb with seasonal fruit is warm and cozy, but still perfect for summer.

Vegetable-stuffed pancakes

A savory pancake folded over a medley of Mediterranean vegetables.

Coconut flan

Silky, rich and dairy-free flan.

Quinoa tabbouleh with mint tahini

A playful, modern take on classic tabbouleh.

Greek yogurt pancakes

Perfect, fluffy pancakes for a leisurely Sunday breakfast.

Broiled lamb chops in Mediterranean marinade

Lamb with an Israeli accent.

How to make mouth-watering halvah

Israel's favorite sweet snack can be yours, from scratch.

Fresh apricot cake

An easy, summery, crowd-pleasing cake.

Tzatziki sauce

This creamy Greek yogurt sauce is an easy, cold dip for sensational summer eating.

Brazilian cheese tartlets

In Brazil, they're called 'quejadinhas.' Here, they're called 'amazing.'