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Jerry James Stone

Jerry James Stone is a vegetarian and vegan food blogger who has created recipes for Discovery Channel, Whole Foods Market, and many more. He's an environmental activist who focuses on sustainability and planet-friendly living. In 2012 he won a Shorty Award in the category of #green for his efforts on Twitter. His first cookbook, “Holidazed,” was released in 2013.

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Nutty farro breakfast

It's an ancient and often-overlooked grain, but farro is about to become your new favorite breakfast.

Chili cheese popcorn

Put a little flavor in your Netflix night.

Easy white bean soup

Cooler weather gives us a hankering for comfort. Achieve it with this simple, hearty soup.

Gluten-free chocolate coconut cake

Great for layering, or slice it up with a scoop of your favorite frozen dessert.

Coconut quinoa breakfast with brown sugar sauce

Quinoa holds its rightful place as the king of breakfast in this just-sweet-enough cereal recipe.

Tangy hummus yogurt dip

This variation on traditional hummus adds an extra layer of flavor and a creamy texture.

Chickpea and heirloom tomato salad

Colors burst and flavor abounds in this crisp, vibrant salad made with farm-fresh heirloom tomatoes.

Spicy hummus mayo dip

It's hummus with a creamy twist. You'll want this one at the top of your recipe bookmarks.

Zucchini cucumber salad

Zukes and cukes combine to make a refreshing late-summer salad. You've got to try this.

Tahini-free hummus

If you can't find tahini or don't have it on hand, you can still make smooth, delicious hummus.

Zucchini caprese salad

Bellissimo! A more veggie-forward version of the classic Italian caprese salad.

Breakfast zoodles

Veggies are great any time of day. But in this breakfast dish, they're spectacular.

Summertime naan pizza

Pizza night gets an upgrade with fresh corn, parsley and pesto.

Zucchini and micro greens salad

All the colors of the rainbow, with some edible flowers thrown into the mix.

Apricot herb pancakes

The perfect morning mix of sweet and savory in hot, fresh pancakes.