Jerry James Stone

Hummus cucumber toast

Toast can be fancy as well as healthy.

Apple and leek salad

Sweet and savory merge in perfect harmony in this unconventional salad.

Stuffed apricots

Make your next party one for the ages with this adorable appetizer.

Waffle grilled cheese

Eat like a kid again, and make it even easier with grilled cheese in a waffle iron.

Leek and mushroom frittata

Up your Sunday brunch game with this seasonal egg dish.

Braised apples and leeks

Two common foods converge in one unusual and delicious side dish.

Chocolate chip cookie waffles

Hack your waffle iron with this simple, fast cookie recipe.

Pasta with creamy leek sauce

This easy spring-tinged dish brings a fresh and light twist to traditional cream sauce.

Kiwi parsley cooler

This one's a little different than your average fruity cocktail. And we like different.

Grapefruit and greens salad

The wonders of citrus, avocado and fiber-rich greens, all in one superb salad.

Waffle iron cinnamon rolls

Are they waffles? Are they cinnamon rolls? No one knows, or cares. We're all too busy eating them.

Basil grapefruit mojito

Imbibe in style, with ingredients you can grow in your backyard.

Veggie burger tacos

Here's a clever way to use up leftover veggie burgers when the bun-burger ratio just doesn't add up.

Cilantro cauliflower rice

Turn cauliflower into rice, just like that.

Brussels sprouts citrus salad

Brilliant use of fresh fruits and vegetables for a dynamite salad mixture.