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Ilana Strauss

Ilana E. Strauss is a Microsoft Word ninja living in Brooklyn. She’s a staff writer at From the Grapevine, who has also written for The Atlantic, Reader’s Digest, GOOD Magazine and the Washington Post.

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King of the hill

An ibex reins over his land.

Old olive tree stretches its branches

You can almost breathe this valley's tranquil air.

Deliciousness in the market

These treats look so good, you can almost taste them.

Dragon boating leads to fiery competition

An ancient Chinese sport turned international pastime is captivating onlookers this weekend.

Burning Man turns festival into a wonderland

Midburn event is an experiment in community, art and self-reliance.

A bit of light reading

Floating: the perfect way to enjoy a new book.

Beautiful above and below

A lake's reflection make this national park look twice as gorgeous.

A door to a cozy scene

This place looks like it came out of a storybook.

A vibrant day at the Sea of Galilee

The lakeshore never felt more alive.

Music break! Eurovision Song Contest gives us something to dance to

It's hard not to move to the beats of the 'Israeli Justin Timberlake.'

Golden sunset sets sky aglow

Even clouds are breathtaking around palm trees and sunsets.

The Force is strong with 'Star Wars'-inspired fashion

These outfits are light years away ... in style.

What is balneotherapy?

Research shows it can reduce oxidative stress, soothe arthritis, and you can even make a vacation out of it.

Two birds make a fuss

Aggressive mynas can replicate human speech like parrots.

Foodie photographers rejoice: Restaurant designs its plates for social media

'Food-O-Graphy' captures the perfect shot of gourmet food for your Instagram.