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Video: What the ancient art of glassblowing actually looks like

Check out an Israeli glassblowing studio with me located only a few hours away from the earliest archaeological evidence of the art.

4 surprising facts about Elsa Einstein

Albert Einstein's second wife was the famous scientist's more practical half.

I finally played the mysterious instrument I've been researching for years

People stay on waiting lists for years to pay thousands of dollars for one of these rare instruments.

Why video games are the new brain rehab

A startup is making brain injury rehabilitation more fun and less expensive.

These sneaky sea creatures are hitching rides inside the guts of other fish

Scientists discovered that an invasive fish species is using rabbitfish to travel around the Mediterranean.

This nearby planet could be where all the aliens are hiding

Researchers discovered that Proxima b has the right climate for oceans. And extraterrestrials.

Photos: Zoo animals that were nice to me

I went to Israel's Ramat Gan Safari and came across a lot of animals who gave me a hand (or paw).

Video: Digging up a 4,000-year-old house near Jerusalem

Ever wanted to see what an archaeological expedition looks like up close?

Want to look younger? Stop smiling

A new study found that people who smile actually look older than people who frown or look surprised.

People walk on these ancient Roman ruins every day

These ruins were buried in Jerusalem for centuries ... until people dug them up and turned them into a shopping road.

Photos: Magic inside a glassblower's studio

See how artists turn hot molten glass into perfectly shaped pieces of art.

A matchmaker's guide to starting a long-term relationship

A few tips can save you years of frustration.

My epic quest for the best bath in the world

The Earth's molten core creates hot mineral water that people (like me) travel miles for.

A man looks at his phone instead of the brilliant Mediterranean sunset behind him

The Israeli city of Jaffa is great spot for sunsets, but this poor guy is missing one.

Einstein just helped us find a massive alien world

His theory of relativity taught scientists how to uncover a planet 3 times the size of Jupiter.