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Scientists just accidentally discovered that trees share food with each other

'The Giving Tree' is way more accurate than we ever realized.

Video advice to share: A matchmaker's guide to improving your relationship

These romantic tips work whether you just started dating or you've been married for 40 years.

A DIY stress ball you can make in less than five minutes

Because stressed people don't have time to shop for stress balls.

What farming on Mars could teach us about farming on Earth

Citizen scientists are learning to grow food for taste and nutrition, rather than profit.

Are your bacteria making you nice?

Scientists think microbes may have evolved to make humans act more altruistically.

In 'La La Land,' Mia asks if jazz still matters. Here's 4 reasons why it does

A renowned jazz guitarist explains how the genre brings cultures together in real time.

Brainiacs did a study to find out how your brain decides what to pay attention to

The neuroscientists found out you learn by ignoring almost everything around you.

DIY video: Learn to decorate a cake using only frosting and a plastic baggie

I'm no expert, but this is a serious step up from just piling frosting on.

Exclusive interview: Meet the Lana Del Rey of Israel

Ninet Tayeb is already a household name in her native country, and she's setting her sights on the international stage.

This plan for a town is straight out of a sci-fi movie

You would live in an automated driverless car, your phone number would be your address and drones would deliver services.

Namibia's fairy circle mystery continues

Can two theories smashed together finally tell us the truth about these mysterious circles in the African grasslands?

Connect this device to your chest and merge with Earth’s magnetic field

This 'human compass' is helping people expand their senses beyond normal human bounds.

8 quotes to inspire you to reach your goals for the new year

Head into 2017 with some wise and witty advice.

Discovery: Ancient Roman monks were really into this board game

Excavations at Israel's Montfort Castle revealed a whole lot about ancient Roman lifestyles.

The mystery of Earth’s lost moons

Scientists think the moon we see today may not have been the first.