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'When will the world end?' and other questions children asked Einstein

I dug through Albert Einstein's archives to find some amazing conversations he had with kids.

How one Florida town is turning air into water

To combat drought and prepare for hurricane season, Miami Gardens is the first U.S. city to use this Israeli tech.

This restaurant is putting its own twist on centuries-old cuisine

Ray, a new spot in Portland, ambitiously decided to make Mediterranean food chic and new.

Weird things I found in Albert Einstein's archives

Learn about the time Einstein wanted to be a plumber and other strange things I found while digging through his letters.

A behavioral scientist's guide to working from home

Learn from behavioral economist Dan Ariely how to work more efficiently while making the rest of your life easier too.

Scientists figure out the genetic secrets of humanity's most important food

This new genome sequence could lead to less hunger worldwide.

How to organize a clothing swap

Discover how to get rid of garbage and get free, new clothes at the same time.

Falafel burgers

Combining an Israeli favorite with an American one yields some pretty great results.

Go ahead, buy a robot servant

A company is making 10,000 robots designed for household tasks.

We've been dyeing our clothes way longer than you thought

Archaeologists discovered the colored fabrics in an ancient copper mine.

How to work from home without becoming a hermit

You might want to rethink who you befriend and how you spend your free time.

How 'Harry Potter' changed your world (even if you never read the books)

The series cast a spell that's still changing Millennials and the planet they live on.

Three newborn sand cat kittens melt our hearts

One of the cutest endangered species gets a population boost in an Israeli zoo.

Scientists discover a hidden ancient message – and it's a plea for more booze

It turns out wine parties were a thing 2,600 years ago.

Forget lawns; try these beautiful, easy and useful alternatives

Imagine walking outside into a Japanese rock garden or wildlife refuge.