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A man looks at his phone instead of the brilliant Mediterranean sunset behind him

The Israeli city of Jaffa is great spot for sunsets, but this poor guy is missing one.

Einstein just helped us find a massive alien world

His theory of relativity taught scientists how to uncover a planet 3 times the size of Jupiter.

A festival in the Israeli wilderness promoted love around the world, and I took a lot of photos there

Check out my cool photos of people camping, singing and being awesome together at the annual Rainbow Gathering last week.

Photos of the most epic hiking trail you've never heard of

Why I hiked from the city to the country with famous behavioral economist Dan Ariely.

This company figured out how to make water out of thin air

Learn about the new technology that could save the world from a drinking water crisis.

The new extra-powerful solar panels that could replace fossil fuels

These scientists are making solar power 70 percent more efficient.

11 historical photos now in color

Albert Einstein, JFK, Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln now look like they were photographed yesterday.

11 photos of world clocks that will leave you lost in time

These clocks are so old, some of them ignore minutes and hours and instead measure the movement of stars and planets.

You soon may be able to erase your bad memories

Discovery: Scientists found a way to make mice brains forget scary things.

'New' math discovery: How to move a couch around a corner

What surprised us most about this finding was that no one's figured it out before.

What indigenous Amazonians taught me about hiking

Learn how to walk across logs, deal with mud and go downhill without falling.

ASMR videos are the new meditation (melt your brain with these 5)

Hottest trend on YouTube: Listen to sounds that trigger tingles in your head and massage your brain. Really.

Archaeologists discover British soldiers were pretty wasted during WWI

British troops stationed in Israel drank a whole lot of spirits to keep their spirits up during the war.

How brain scans are predicting box office success

Scientists found a way to predict box office sales by seeing which moments our brains pay attention to.

Am I the only 26-year-old in the world who hates yoga?

I've tried to like yoga for years. Here's why I am giving it up for good.