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14 amazing moments from the first week of the European Games

See the motion of rhythmic gymnasts, the intense concentration of a table tennis player, the splash of a water polo match – all captured in these breathtaking photos.

Storks crossing

In the rural lands of northern Israel, you never know what you'll see.

15 strange animals of the Red Sea

These marine creatures stand out for their odd appearances.

Mount Hermon takes center stage in this stunning panorama

This vast landmark in northern Israel turns green for summertime.

A seaside park for summer fun

Kids play with scooters at a park in Jaffa, near Tel Aviv.

Paddling past the sunset

A stand-up paddler liesurely makes his way across the evening Mediterranean waves.

Making better lives: What we can learn from 5 of the happiest countries

The OECD's Better Life Index measures well-being across dozens of countries, but a handful stand out.

As temperatures rise, kids flock to fountains

On warm summer days, children frolic in Jerusalem's public fountain.

A sunny summer day at the sea

A bright day at the Sea of Galilee has us longing for an afternoon walk along the shore.

A wild landscape just begging for adventure

The sun shines over the lush, rolling hills of northern Israel.

Praying mantis dries off in the morning sun

Dewdrops cover this sharp-eyed mantis, a species native to the Mediterranean.

Safari animals enjoy summer fun

At Tel Aviv's zoo, brown bears and baby elephants alike enjoy an afternoon swim.

5 fun facts about kitesurfing

An extreme sport boasts equally epic views on the Sea of Galilee.

How to eat more kale without getting burned out

Here's how to get the most out of this leafy green without getting bored.

How to become a vegetarian for a week

Embracing fruits and veggies is easier than you think – especially with these delicious recipes.