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Excitement high as Wimbledon prepares for grand conclusion

Israel's Jonathan Erlich perfectly encompasses the anticipation felt by tennis fans around the world in this striking photo.

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A soft dusk on Tel Aviv's coast

Moments after sunset hold a special kind of tranquility.

Wander through the wildlife in a lush forest

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Grateful Dead tribute video unites cultures across the world

The video, which aired after the band's final performance, features artists from around the world playing the 1970 classic 'Ripple' – and for a great cause.

Immerse yourself in the golden forest of Jerusalem

We're celebrating Google Earth's 10th anniversary with a truly stunning 360-degree shot.

Guardian of the sunset

A sculpture of an eagle adds intrigue to the evening silhouette of Herzliya's port.

Photo finish: First European Games action-packed success

The inaugural competition brought together talented young athletes from across Europe and the Mediterranean – and what a show it was!

Sunrise in the countryside

The sun's first rays color northern Israel's verdant countryside with the bright hues of early morning.

Clouds roll over the Negev

A bright morning in Israel's desert makes for a beautiful sight.

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