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Seeking shade in the golden hour

The ibex knows how to deal with heat – find a shady grove.

10 things you didn't know about Jerusalem

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Israel's most majestic mountainscapes

These gorgeous landscapes represent millions of years of Earth's history.

A golden morning along the Mediterranean coast

The morning sun shines its bright light on the grassy shore of Ashkelon, Israel.

Double rainbow arches over Tel Aviv

Summer storms bring spectacular views in this Israeli city.

Athletes set, serve and spike at international volleyball tournament

Professional volleyball players from around the world converge on Japan's beaches for the FIVB Beach Volleyball Grand Slam.

Milky Way shines bright over Israel's Ramon Crater

The night sky is mesmerizing in this stunning long-scroll photo.

Landscapes transform into strange scenes with Google's DeepDream tool

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Travel through the treetops: 6 breathtaking suspension bridges around the world

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Seashells line the shore at sunset

By day's end, the beaches of Herzliya have garnered quite the collection of shells.

Climb the cliffs of Arbel National Park

Rock climbing, hiking, base jumping and epic views – all in one gorgeous park.

Reflection in the oasis

When water makes its way into the desert, beautiful things happen.

How to landscape your garden for honeybees with Mediterranean plants

These five plants are as beautiful as they are good for the environment.

How 'the Wonder Woman of today' is inspiring today's women

Gal Gadot is owning her role by empowering women of all walks of life.

It's all fun and games for this bottlenose dolphin

This adorable marine mammal gives a playful greeting in the turquoise waters of Eilat.