Anna Norris

What do you know about the 'Star Wars' movies?

Whether you're a lifelong 'Star Wars' fan or a total newbie, you've got to take this quiz. As Yoda says, "Do... or do not. There is no try."

17 photos that capture the glory of the red anemone

These bright flowers blanket the northern part of the Negev desert during the Red South festival every February.

Images capture intimate moments of Tel Aviv nightlife

Amir Eshel spent three years photographing people in the popular restaurant Nanuchka.

Healthy date fudge

Dense, sweet and oh-so-chocolatey – all of your favorite things about fudge, without the guilt.

Dairy-free, gluten-free pumpkin 'bread' pudding bites

This healthy dessert muffin packs all the best flavors of fall, without the guilt.

Supermoon eclipse glows over the Mediterranean coast

The rare 'super blood moon' total lunar eclipse captivated viewers worldwide.

Pumpkin couscous with browned sage butter

Israeli couscous takes a starring role in this seasonal dish.

Curry roasted buttercup squash

Perfectly seasoned with a warm curry and a touch of sweet brown sugar, this appetizer has layer upon layer of flavor.

It's all smooches and snuggles for this newborn white rhino

Tel Aviv's Ramat Gan Safari recently welcomed the birth of a square-lipped rhino, and she's winning hearts around the world.

A gleeful gecko's greeting

This fan-fingered gecko appears to smile for the camera.

At home in the anemone

An anemonefish peeks out from within his coral reef abode.

A distant sunrise over the Dead Sea

From miles away, the Dead Sea seems just a sliver of water.

Cool off in the Ein Gedi oasis

Walk through a lush landscape and splash through the streams of this beautiful nook in central Israel.

Walk along the hilly landscape of northern Israel

A hiking trail leads to breathtaking sights.

Stroll through a colorful market in Jerusalem

Who needs a mall when you can walk along a sunny cobblestone street?