Amihai Zippor

Israel's first whisky distillery selling off its first 100 bottles

Milk & Honey is releasing a special line of single-malt whisky after a 3-year aging period.

Natural ways to see better

Going beyond glasses and laser surgery for improved vision.

Solar trees are taking root around the world

​Sologic’s sustainable eTree provides free WiFi, a cold drink and more.

Meet the men who took the digital chess world by storm

Deep Junior's creators just wanted to teach something new about the game. They ended up making history.

Want apps to stop stealing your personal data? Download this app

MyPermissions will help you regain control of your device.

This robot becomes part of anatomy to save lives

Spinal and brain surgery just became easier for surgeons and patients alike.

Shock-absorbing wheel eases wheelchairs over rough terrain

Wheelchair users discover a smoother ride with Softwheel's shock-absorbing wheel that uses a symmetric and selective suspension system.

Dream of a tuition-free, global university comes true

A tuition-free university, the University of the People lets the world's poorest people earn college degrees.