United Pianos United Pianos 'United Pianos' features 11 famed pianists from 11 countries and 6 continents. (Photo: United Pianos)

World's first 22-hand piano arrangement is a melodic masterpiece

11 renowned pianists from across the globe come together for a virtual concert unlike any other.

While dueling pianists on a concert stage is a musical tête-à-tête that everyone should witness at least once, 11 pianists collaborating on one piece together is something else entirely. And you don't even have to purchase a ticket in advance to enjoy it.

Titled "United Pianos," the take on Sergei Prokofiev’s classic "Peter and the Wolf" features a world-first 22 hands from 11 countries and six continents. The talent behind each tickle of the ivory is impressive, with Anna Goldsworthy from Australia, Idan Raichel from Israel, Jason Reolon from South Africa, and Lee B. Callender from the Bahamas to name but a few.

United PianosPianist Jason Reolon playing on Milnerton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo: United Pianos)

Showing off the true international flavor of the piece, each piano is also featured in a different setting – from the soaring Bahai Lotus Temple in India to the intimate Bardo Studios of Tel Aviv and hushed beauty of the Bogolubov Library in Moscow.

The musical collaboration was organized by the Israeli Mission to the United Nations in an effort to encourage the world to "speak more music." Prep your toe for some unavoidable tapping and check out the performance below.


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