Jerusalem Woodstock Festival Jerusalem Woodstock Festival The Jerusalem Woodstock Revival festival, now in its seventh year, will take place over six hours at the Kraft Stadium. (Photo: Sharon Shapira / Jerusalem Woodstock Festival)

Woodstock revival to bloom with love, music, and dance

Six-hour benefit concert to feature artists covering music legends like Neil Young, The Who, Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, and many more.

Brush off those bellbottoms, pull out those sun dresses, and get ready to party like it's the summer of 1969 all over again.

For one evening on July 30th, the spirit and music of the original Woodstock Music and Art Festival in upstate New York will be celebrated by thousands at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem, Israel. Now in its seventh edition, the Jerusalem Woodstock Revival features Israeli artists performing covers of legendary acts from that seminal moment in rock history. This year's lineup includes the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young, The Who, Eric Clapton, the Grateful Dead, and many more.

Israeli musician Geva Alon will be perform a tribute to Neil Young at the concert.Israeli musician Geva Alon will be perform a tribute to Neil Young at the concert. (Photo: Courtesy Jerusalem Woodstock Revival)

"Returning to the Jerusalem Woodstock garden is to forget all the stresses of everyday life for just one day," organizer Nadia Levene said in a statement. "We don’t promise the mud of Woodstock ’69, but along with Rock ‘n’ Roll and hippies of all ages, we hope to bring back the feeling of love and freedom as in our previous events.”

Along with booths, juggling, face painting and other activities for the whole family, one of the highlights of the festival is the "best dressed hippie" competition, sponsored by a local vintage store.

kids jerusalem woodstock revivalMusic-lovers of all ages are encouraged to come out and enjoy the seventh edition of the Jerusalem Woodstock Revival. (Photo: Sharon Shapira/Jerusalem Woodstock Festival)

All proceeds raised will benefit the youth-focused, non-profit American Football in Israel (AFI) organization. "We promise to provide a festival that'll blow everyone's bell bottoms off," said Steve Leibowitz, president of the AFI.

Below are a few videos from previous Jerusalem Woodstock Revivals so you'll know what to expect during the six-hour celebration.


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