wonder woman movie poster wonder woman movie poster 'Wonder Woman,' starring Gal Gadot, hit theaters in June and is now on DVD. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

The night 'Wonder Woman' slayed the Olympics

The premiere of the Gal Gadot blockbuster on HBO lassoed in some record-breaking Nielsen numbers.

When Wonder Woman goes up against Dr. Poison, moviegoers know what to expect. The superhero, portrayed by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, would win the fight and emerge victorious. But what if the battle was instead Wonder Woman vs. the fastest speed skaters on the planet?

Well, it turns out, Wonder Woman would prevail.

Eight months after the movie was released in theaters, "Wonder Woman" has finally arrived on HBO. It premiered on the premium cable channel this past Saturday night and raked in some impressive numbers. Nearly 3 million people tuned in to the initial telecast. That's the network's largest audience for a movie premiere in more than two years.

What's more of note: According to the viewer tracking service Nielsen, that number actually beat NBC Sports' Olympic coverage by roughly 300,000 viewers that night. (Less impressively, the HBO premiere of "Wonder Woman" also beat out the Hallmark movie "Very, Very Valentine.")

Another 1.6 million viewers tuned into the Sunday night rebroadcast of "Wonder Woman," and still more recorded it on their DVR – where it's taking up space alongside reruns of "Fixer Upper" – and have yet to watch it.

The movie, which has been ranked the best superhero movie of all time, has a virtually unheard-of 92% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the site calling the film "thrilling, earnest, and buoyed by Gal Gadot's charismatic performance." It is also the highest-grossing superhero origin story of all time.

Gadot is already hard at work on the movie's sequel, which is rumored to be set in the 1980s. It will arrive in theaters on Nov. 1, 2019. At that rate, it should arrive on HBO in the summer of 2020 – just in time to go head to head with the next Olympic Games in Tokyo.


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