wonder woman batman v superman cape wonder woman batman v superman cape Wonder Woman, seen here in leaked promo art for 'Batman v Superman, may feature a gold and blue cape as part of her costume. (Photo: Umberto Gonzalez)

Wonder Woman's costume gets a makeover – and a cape

Promo sketches of the Amazonian superhero in fighting mode leaves fans eager for more.

How could director Zack Snyder possibly make his Wonder Woman in "Batman v Superman" any cooler? Add a cape.

While the Amazonian warrior, played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, hasn't been seen in anything official since her initial reveal last summer, some leaked concept art posted by reporter Umberto Gonzalez makes it clear that a cape is likely part of her ensemble.

Unlike Superman, Batman or even Thor, Wonder Woman's cape generally doesn't feature during battle, instead making an appearance during royal events on her home island of Themyscira or formal meetings in the United States. In these images, which appear to show a somewhat brighter color palette than "Man of Steel," the cape seems to have a bit of texture to it, an indication that there may be more to it than just cloth. And is it just us, or do the colors also remind anyone else of that black and blue (or white and gold) dress from earlier this year? Either way, it's definitely a dramatic departure from Lynda Carter's classic Wonder Woman cape of red, white and blue.

As any superhero fan will tell you, it also just looks fantastic.


So far, Snyder has been mum on these leaks – but don't be surprised if he counters with some official photos of his own. With "Batman v Superman" not due until March of 2016, it's these fun little breadcrumbs that make waiting all the more bearable.


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