wonder woman poster wonder woman poster The new 'Wonder Woman' official trailer has fans counting down the days until June 9, 2017. (Photo: Wonder Woman)

5 unexplained mysteries from the new ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer

From the music to the villains, there's so much to love and ponder about DC Comics' solo movie for the Amazonian warrior princess.

The first official trailer for "Wonder Woman" has arrived, and it is simply jaw-dropping. No, seriously – we're excited for "Doctor Strange," extremely eager for the next "Star Wars," and toe-tapping in anticipation of "La La Land," but this solo outing for one of DC Comics' most beloved heroes is increasingly leaving us gobsmacked. See for yourself in the video below:


Besides new tidbits of plot, we're also treated to even more scenes of Wonder Woman, played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, showing us why she may just be the most powerful superhero on the silver screen.

Like only the very best trailers can do, this one leaves us with more questions than answers. Below are just a few of the mysterious moments featured that have us both guessing and extremely excited for "Wonder Woman's" release on June 9, 2017.

That B&W photo

Black and white still of Wonder Woman movieThe black and white photo that Diana Prince gazes at during the beginning of the trailer. (Photo: Wonder Woman)

At the beginning of the trailer we see Diana Prince, presumably after the events of "Batman v Superman," walking outside the Louvre museum in Paris, France. The scene then transitions inside, possibly within the museum's archives, with Prince melancholy starring at a glass plate photograph. Both Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are clearly identified, but who are the others? We'd classify them as soldiers, but it's clear based on their attire that they're all fighting for different teams. Perhaps this is the team tasked with bringing down the film's antagonist?

Did Rupert Gregson-Williams compose the music?

Wonder Woman action still from movieBritish composer Rupert Gregson-Williams is hitting all the right notes in capturing the score for 'Wonder Woman.' (Photo: Wonder Woman)

After German composer Hans Zimmer came up with Wonder Woman's new theme in "Batman v Superman," it was widely assumed he might take up scoring the entirety of her first solo film. When he announced that he was "retiring from the superhero business," the position was left wide open. Today, we finally know the maestro brave enough to follow in his footsteps: British composer Rupert Gregson-Williams.

Gregson-Williams, who recently scored the WWII drama "Hacksaw Ridge," confirmed the news while discussing future projects with the website The Playlist. "I am working on Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ 'Wonder Woman,' which looks amazing!" he shared.

So is the fantastic music we hear in this latest trailer courtesy of Gregson-Williams? If so, it's telling of a movie score we not only can't wait to hear play out on screen, but also load up on Spotify as soon as its available.

Is our masked villain Doctor Poison?

Actress Elena Anaya as Wonder Woman villianSpanish actress Elena Anaya revealed in a previous interview that her character is "a big nightmare" for Wonder Woman. (Photo: Wonder Woman)

After appearing only briefly in the San Diego Comic-Con trailer from earlier this summer, we finally got a slightly better look at the masked villain played by Spanish actress Elena Anaya. From what we can tell, she definitely appears to be involved in the nasty business of chemical warfare. This increasingly makes us believe that she's Doctor Poison, an expert in biological weaponry who disguises herself as a man and uses mind-altering drugs and other concoctions to cause chaos.

In a recent interview with the Spanish film website SensaCine, Anaya said that while she has a small role, her character makes a big impact.

"It’s directed by Patty Jenkins, then there’s Gal Gadot as our main lead, Chris Pine as her co-lead and I’m going to be … a big nightmare for the two of them," she said.

Is this Steve Trevor Sr.?

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman filmCould actor Chris Pine possibly be playing two different versions of Steve Trevor? (Photo: Wonder Woman)

Chris Pine has already revealed that he has signed on for multiple "Wonder Woman" films. Since this first one appears to take place sometime around 1918, its highly unlikely that Steve Trevor will be around to help out Batman and Co. in Zack Snyder's upcoming "Justice League." Or will he?

We already know that Wonder Woman is almost 5,000-years-old, which explains her ever-lasting good looks. It's entirely possible, however, that future, modern day "Wonder Woman" films could also feature a descendent of Steve Trevor that looks exactly like him.

"This is a page straight out of the "Wonder Woman" TV series’ book," explains CinemaBlend. "In the Lynda Carter-led show, actor Lyle Waggoner also played two members of the Trevor family: Steve Sr. in Season 1’s World War II setting and his son Steve Jr. 30 years later during Seasons 2 and 3."

What in the world is happening here?

Wonder Woman action movie stillWonder Woman show off her leaping abilities in this scene from the new 'Wonder Woman' trailer. (Photo: Wonder Woman)

Near the last part of the trailer, we see Wonder Woman embroiled in an epic series of battles with WWI soldiers and a military general played by American actor Danny Huston. It all concludes with huge pieces of the earth upheaving and Wonder Woman soaring high and deflecting what appears to be lighting with her magic bracelets. What is going on here?

One theory being floated is that the main villain of "Wonder Woman" is none other than Ares, the god of war. His presence would make sense considering Steve Trevor's ominous description in the beginning of the trailer of "the war to end all wars." Supposedly, Huston plays Ares, who has taken on human form to cause conflict to break out around the world. This last scene, in all its special effects glory, is Wonder Woman's final battle against Ares the god.

Feast your eyes on the new international trailer


As a bonus, check out this new international trailer for the film featuring a few new visuals and action sequences. Like the expertly crafted previews that have come before, the exact plot details and associated villains are still very much in the dark. June 9th simply can't arrive soon enough for DC Comics fans!


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5 unexplained mysteries from the new ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer
From the music to the villains, there's so much to love and ponder about DC Comics' solo movie for the Amazonian warrior princess.