Homeland season 6 Homeland season 6 The sixth season of the award-winning 'Homeland' returns in January 2017. (Photo: Homeland)

What we know about the sixth season of ‘Homeland'

New trailer shows Showtime's hit political thriller is poised once again to push viewers to the edge of their seats.

The sixth season of Showtime's thriller "Homeland" will air in January 2017, giving fans holding their breath from last year's climactic season finale some much-needed answers.

The series, based on a hit television show from Israel, has filmed everywhere from Berlin to Cape Town to Tel Aviv. Season 6, however, will be an American story, with Carrie, Saul and other major players falling down yet another political rabbit hole in the aftermath of a U.S. presidential election.

Read on to learn everything we know about the new season of "Homeland."

Here's the first trailer


Set to a haunting cover by musician Tamer Hosny of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," Showtime has released the first trailer for "Homeland: Season 6." Like any good teaser, we're given only brief snippets of the cast embroiled in yet another conspiracy – with Saul, Carrie, Dar Adal, and even Quinn making appearances.

In a recent interview, Showtime president David Nevins said that the sixth season will once again touch on cybercrime. "“There are a lot of political things in the air. I’ve seen a lot of things that deal with the divided political landscape and the sharp division between right and left is influencing script-writers."

Season 6 is set in New York City

New York City'Homeland' Season 6 will find the storyline set once again in New York City. (Photo: Wikimedia)

After spending last season in Berlin, Germany, Season 6 of "Homeland" will shift back across the Atlantic to New York City. According to showrunner Alex Gansa, the storyline this time won't necessarily focus on an act of violence happening in the Big Apple.

"Everyone who worked on the show did some soul-searching," he said during a panel discussion earlier this spring. "We wondered what message we should put out into the world, something we still struggle with, especially bringing ‘Homeland’ back to the States for next season."

We do know that Season 6 will revolve around a transfer of presidential power. “The entire season will take place between Election Day and Inauguration Day," added Gansa. "It’s an interesting time; a transition and transfer of power is happening. In that 72 days, we’re hopefully going to tell an interesting story."

Hello, Madame President

HomelandElizabeth Marvel, who has appeared on "Fargo" and "Nurse Jackie," will be president on the new season of "Homeland." (Photo: House of Cards/HBO)

In late July, Showtime announced that American actress Elizabeth Marvel will take on the role of President-Elect Elizabeth Keane in Season 6. The territory is something of a familiar one for the actress, having most recently campaigned for the presidency as Heather Dunbar on HBO's "House of Cards."

What can we expect from Keane? Speaking at an event in June, actress Claire Danes revealed that Keane is "kind of a composite" of the current U.S. candidates for president. "Not rebellious necessarily," she added, "but she’s challenging norms and is a little threatening for that reason."

A return to normalcy for Carrie Mathison

Homeland Season 6'Homeland' character Carrie Mathison will reportedly embrace a low-key family life in the beginning of Season 6. (Photo: Homeland)

Season 6 of "Homeland" is promising to be one of the most personal yet for former CIA officer Carrie Mathison. According to Danes, her bipolar character will start off the season living in Brooklyn with her young daughter, Frannie. Unfortunately, her past continues to haunt her.

“This idea of atonement is still playing," Danes told the audience at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Women of "Homeland" event. "She’s accrued a lot of guilt over the years and she’s still wrestling with that. She’s on her meds! She’s probably mentally capable.”

In addition to reconnecting with her daughter, Showtime has revealed that Carrie will also be working at a nonprofit foundation.

Inspired by real and current global issues

HomelandAccording to executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter, great care is taken each season to craft a plot line grounded in current real-world politics and issues. (Photo: Homeland

Taking cues from the current political theater unfolding in the United States, the writers for Season 6 also turned to real-life experts to bring authenticity to the story.

"Every season before the writers go into the room, we do a trip to D.C. where we meet with a boatload of intelligence experts literally from 9 in the morning to 9 at night," executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter told Entertainment Weekly. "A lot of the issues are what the season ends up being about. Not just the presidential election, but also everything that’s going on globally. It’s thrilling to see what they’re coming up with out of those meetings."

According to Danes, the new season will also explore a certain government agency's role in national politics.

“I think it’s a lot about policy and politics and how the CIA participates in that, because it does take place in America," she said. "I think that’s the most relevant, exciting happening right now. It’s wild what’s occurring and it’s worth investigating, so that’s what we’ll be doing.”

Big changes for Peter Quinn

Peter Quinn HomelandDespite his uncertain fate at the end of Season 5, 'Homeland' producers have revealed that Peter Quinn will in fact return as a regular character. (Photo: Showtime)

At the end of Season 5 of "Homeland," CIA officer Peter Quinn is in a coma and apparently suffering from severe brain damage. Even worse, he's asked his love interest Carrie Mathison to mercifully finish him off. The season ended with that question unresolved and viewers vexed as to Quinn's fate.

"Quinn really put his life in her hands at the end of last season and we will see what decision she made, but that’s going to have repercussions moving forward for her and for that idea of Quinn as well,” show-runner Alex Gansa said.

While Showtime has confirmed that Quinn, played by English actor Rupert Friend, will return as a Season 6 regular, no one is saying exactly how he'll be back.

"Quinn is severely damaged. There is no question about it," added Showtime programming president Gary Levine. "The life-or-death question remains. But if he should live, it will not be in any way, shape or form the way he has lived to date."


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What we know about the sixth season of ‘Homeland'
New trailer shows Showtime's hit political thriller is poised once again to push viewers to the edge of their seats.