Loaded AMC Loaded AMC AMC will premiere 'Loaded,' about four tech entrepreneurs who strike it rich, sometime in 2017. (Photo: HBO)

'Entourage' meets 'Silicon Valley' in AMC's new 'Loaded'

Upcoming series about 4 tech entrepreneurs who strike it rich to be penned by 'Veep' scribe Jon Brown.

If you can't get enough of "Silicon Valley's" tech startup hilarity, "Mr. Robot's" hack-heavy culture or "Halt and Catch Fire's" fictional take on the rise of our digital world, you're going to love what AMC has planned next for 2017.

The network, home to such Emmy-winning dramas as "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead," has thrown into production an eight-episode comedy-drama about four British tech entrepreneurs/best friends who strike it rich after selling their video game startup. The series is based on the award-winning drama "Mesudurim," which ran for two seasons on Israeli television and was created by Muli Segev and Assaf Harel. The series won four Israeli Academy Awards.

“It is a fresh, funny and pertinent take on four friends trying to cling on to the slats of their friendship in the eye of a hurricane of money and excess – and with this cast it’s going to be a hell of a ride,” executive producers Kate Norrish and Polly Leys said. “Four freshly minted millionaires working alongside people who still have to bring in their lunch from home. An office of haves and have-nots.”

MesudurimThe original series 'Mesudurim,' which roughly translates to 'hooked up/set for life,' became a critical darling when it premiered on Israeli TV in 2007. (Photo: Mesudurim)

Israel-based Keshet International, the same production group behind "Homeland" and the upcoming Buzzfeed trivia show "Touch," will partner with both AMC and the British television studio Channel 4 to bring "Loaded" to international shores. Taking over screenwriting will be Jon Brown, the scribe behind HBO's hit comedy series "Veep."

If you're thinking "Loaded" sounds like a version of "Entourage," but set in Silicon Valley, you're not entirely wrong. While Hollywood versions of the "rat pack" have fallen by the wayside in recent years, the male equivalent in tech startup hotspots from Toronto to New York City to Tel Aviv is very much alive.

We're truly living in the age of the "brogrammer."

“Since ‘Entourage,’ these themes of the excitement of socially uncomfortable nerds in the high-tech industry have become some of our great American stories,” Dr. Robert Thompson, founder of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University, told IB Times. “Some of our most successful, our richest pursuers of the American dream are doing it in the industry.”

So if you're in a lull between shows, or just getting over the loss of one you really enjoyed, don't discourage. AMC is fast-tracking "Loaded" for a premiere as soon as next year.


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'Entourage' meets 'Silicon Valley' in AMC's new 'Loaded'
Upcoming series about 4 tech entrepreneurs who strike it rich to be penned by 'Veep' scribe Jon Brown.