Oz Pearlman stopped by the "Today Show" on Sunday and wowed the hosts. Oz Pearlman stopped by the "Today Show" on Sunday and wowed the hosts. Oz Pearlman stopped by the "Today" show on Sunday and wowed the hosts. (Photo: NBC)

How do you get inside the head of 'Today' show anchors? Invite a mentalist

Oz Pearlman preps for his Radio City Music Hall performance by blowing the TV hosts' minds.

The anchors of the "Today" show are quite fluent in the fine art of the celebrity interview and the witty banter required for a cooking segment. But the even-keeled hosts were quite flummoxed when mentalist and magician Oz Pearlman recently paid them a visit.

Born in Israel, the marathoner catapulted to stardom earlier this summer when his audition on "America's Got Talent" went viral. His second trick on the reality competition, where he correctly read the minds of judges Howard Stern and Howie Mandel, solidified his place in the semi-finals.

He's now gearing up for his next performance, which will be broadcast live on NBC on Tuesday night at the iconic Radio City Music Hall. In preparation for that milestone, Pearlman stopped by the "Today" set on Sunday morning to perform a trick for the hosts.

As you'll see in the video below, his interaction with the anchors is nothing short of jaw-dropping:

For his next trick at Radio City Music Hall, Pearlman is sticking to his credo: A magician never tells. But he can't hide his excitement. "It's epic! I've seen performers there many times," he tells From The Grapevine. "I just never thought I would be on that stage. It's one for the record books."

NBC seems to agree. Just take a look at how they're promoting tomorrow night's show:


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