Leonard Hofstadter and Penny Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory.' Leonard Hofstadter and Penny Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory.' Leonard and Penny apparently aren't into couple's costumes. (Photo: YouTube)

5 times Albert Einstein snuck into 'The Big Bang Theory'

TV's favorite fictional scientists and engineers can't seem to stop talking about history's most famous physicist.

"The Big Bang Theory" writers must have a thing for Albert Einstein. It makes sense, what with the apartment of scientists and all, but it's surprising just how much he shows up. There are literally dozens of Einstein references in this show. We've picked five of our favorites to share with you.

The opening of every single episode

You might miss it because it goes so frigging fast – or if you've seen the thing so many times you barely notice it – but Einstein's face appears in the intro montage for a split second.

It's actually a picture of Einstein on Israeli currency (Einstein had a thing for Israel, even starting a university there, where his archives still remain).

The Halloween party

Even scientists find the time to eat candy and weird out other guests at Halloween parties. In "The Holographic Excitation," Penny shows up dressed as a sexy cop, and Leonard is ... Well, you've probably guessed it. Our favorite physicist.

Leonard puts on a really cool German accent, but Penny isn't into it for some reason. Whatever, her loss.

The Einstein card

Actor Jim Parsons plays know-it-all Sheldon Cooper on the popular "Big Bang Theory" sitcom.Actor Jim Parsons plays know-it-all Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory." (Photo: Warner Bros. Television)

Sheldon is feeling down in "The Cooper/Kripke Inversion," and Leonard tries to make him feel better by telling him, "You just got stuck on a wrong path. It happened to Einstein; he got stuck on the unified field theory for decades."

"Oh, don't play the Einstein card!" replies Sheldon. "His great breakthroughs happened when no one knew anything. Everything was a great breakthrough."

A bar joke


Sheldon tells a surprisingly good joke in "The Separation Agitation":

Feynman, Einstein and Schrödinger walk into a bar. Feynman says, “It appears we're inside a joke.” Einstein replies, “But only to an observer who saw us walk in simultaneously.” To which Schrödinger says, “If someone's looking in the window, I'm leaving."

Sheldon's nonexistent driver's license

Lyft car San FranciscoIf the show had come up a few years later, Sheldon would probably just have used Lyft to get everywhere. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Even in an episode named after another scientist, the ghost of Einstein apparently can't help but sneak in. In "The Euclid Alternative," Sheldon complains, "I just don’t see why I need a driver’s license, Albert Einstein never had a driver’s license." (Einstein even got lost on a sailboat.)

"Yeah, but Albert Einstein didn’t make me wet myself at 40 miles an hour," replies Howard. And Penny adds, "Yeah, and I never wanted to kick Albert Einstein in the nuts."


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