Gal Gadot and The Simpsons Gal Gadot and The Simpsons Gal Gadot is joining the cast of "The Simpsons" in an upcoming episode where she'll play herself. (Photo: Courtesy)

An honor fit for a superhero: Gal Gadot lands a guest spot on 'The Simpsons'

In an upcoming episode shrouded in secrecy, the 'Wonder Woman' star will be playing her toughest role yet: herself.

She's spent the better part of 2017 basking in the glow of superhero immortality. She's made inspiring speeches, attracted legions of admirers, won countless awards, hosted "Saturday Night Live" and effortlessly rounded her way through the media and talk show circuit.

It's a bucket list fit for Hollywood royalty. And now, Gal Gadot, the Israeli-born actress and star of the massive blockbuster "Wonder Woman" movie, can check off another box: celebrity guest star on "The Simpsons."

The actress herself announced the news on her Twitter page recently, posting a video of her adding her name to a large poster signed by previous guest stars on the long-running animated sitcom.

Having been on the air for 29 years, it's only natural that "The Simpsons" would boast dozens of guests who have lent their voice and comedic talents to the series. In her cameo, Gadot says she'll be playing herself, joining the ranks of Tony Bennett, Leonard Nimoy, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Lucy Lawless, Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway and Tom Hanks. Pretty good company to keep!

The episode starring Gadot, who grew up watching the show in Israel, will air in the fall. The show – no stranger to pushing the envelope – might delight in poking fun at "Wonder Woman's" recent Oscar snub. The movie, and its star, were shut out of all Academy Award nominations, leaving some fans grumbling.


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