Sybaris Magazine is made up of three friends, each of whom brings their own artistic talents to the fold. Sybaris Magazine is made up of three friends, each of whom brings their own artistic talents to the fold. Sybaris Magazine uses photography to challenge the perception of flat and 3D imagery, or what's real and what's not. (Photo: Sybaris)

Magazine wants to redefine food photography

For 3 artists launching a new medium, bright colors and surreal images might just do the trick.

Food photography really only has one job, and that's to make the food look good, exceptionally so. From McDonald's commercials to the glistening images that fill the pages of food magazines like Saveur, inspiring the viewer into action is the name of the game.

But that doesn't mean it's an art form that hasn't become static. Just ask the founders of Sybaris Magazine.

Tired of the same old slick images, this team of three Israeli artists decided to hit out on their own and redefine what food photography means.

The Sybaris Magazine founders place typical food photography within a colorful landscape.This image reconsiders the popular Israeli pudding malabi. (Photo: Sybaris Magazine)

The three behind the magazine are Ran Golani, a photographer, Boris Fabrikant, an artist, and Natasha Boguslavsky, a graphic designer.

Having worked together on several commissions over the years and bonded over their love of food, the three decided to do a project together that didn't involve fulfilling a client's wishes, but their own. Naturally, food was the starting point.

"We really love food and we were quite bored with food photography as we saw it in cooking books and social media," Boguslavsky told From The Grapevine.

Though named Sybaris Magazine, for now the team behind it is contributing to other magazines, with plans for their own in the near future.This image by Sybaris Magazine pays homage to Israelis love for grilling meat. (Photo: Sybaris Magazine)

So the trio struck out to create lush images that combine traditional elements of food photography, whether it be food or objects related to it, with a dose of surrealism. The effect is to create pictures that are about food, but also stand on their own as works of art.

The idea, Boguslavsky said, is to "shake everyday perception about food."

Sybaris was an ancient city in the south of Italy known for its decadence.This is another in a series on the Israeli mangal, or BBQ. (Photo: Sybaris Magazine)

The name, Sybaris Magazine, reflects a certain epicureanism inherent in the images and was inspired by the city of the same name, an ancient city in southern Italy, which was known for its decadent luxury and over consumption.

While their magazine isn't yet out (it's in the works), they've begun to make a name for themselves through other publications, and are working on a major exhibition.

Sybaris Magazine was inspired, in part, by the foodie culture of Tel AvivSybaris Magazine often combines paper sculptures with real food to deconstruct cliches about food representation in popular culture. (Photo: Sybaris Magazine)

In the meantime they continue to gather inspiration from all around them, their hometown of Tel Aviv being a major factor in how they evolve.

"The foodie culture is something which is quite around us everywhere. Tel Aviv has an amazing food scene," Bugoslavsy told us.

An amazing food scene that has inspired some amazing images, not only about food, but that give the viewer some food for thought.


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