Passenger Tel Aviv Performance Passenger Tel Aviv Performance Michael Rosenberg, aka Passenger, playing "Let Her Go." (Photo: YouTube/Tatoushinka)

Star gives surprise street performance of hit 'Let Her Go'

'It’s a really honest way of getting your music to people,' Passenger says of busking.

A day after performing at the Barby Club in Tel Aviv, British music star Michael David Rosenberg (who goes by the stage name "Passenger"), decided to hold his own impromptu street concert. The surprise event on Nahalat Binyamin St. is something the 30-year-old is fond of doing; having busked his way around the world for years before finding international success. 

“It’s been quite a rollercoaster but I still busk," he told the UK Telegraph after an earlier street concert in London. "I was busking in Dublin yesterday, and Brighton at the weekend. It’s a really honest way of getting your music to people and it means they can watch your stuff for free.”

Passenger's huge hit "Let Her Go" has topped the charts in more than 16 countries and was named the 2013 song of the year by the Israeli music radio station Galgalatz. As you'll see in the Tel Aviv video below, he transitions from the end of the song "Wake Me Up" into "Let Her Go," with the crowd singing along in a beautiful moment of musical community. It's a setting he finds just as enjoyable as the huge crowds he plays to in concert halls.

"There are no obligations. Whatever pops into my head I can play it," he told Pandora. "In venues there’s an understanding of what you should do because people are paying to hear you. Playing venues is wonderful because people sing along and get excited. On other hand it can cause pressure, you want to give people their money’s worth. It’s funny, but I really enjoy both busking and playing venues."


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