Gal Gadot Diana Prince Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Diana Prince Wonder Woman Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman's alter ego, Diana Prince, in this scene from "Batman vs. Superman," due out in March 2016. The "Wonder Woman" movie starts shooting in November of 2015. (Photo: Screenshot courtesy of Warner Bros./YouTube)

A sneak peek of the upcoming 'Wonder Woman' movie

Setting, shooting locations and casting rumors revealed.

For most of 2015, comic fans have been anticipating the release of "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" in March 2016. Much of this revolves around the introduction of Wonder Woman to the DC movie canon and the person who's playing her: Israeli model and "Fast and Furious" butt-kicker Gal Gadot.

But the more exciting development is that Gadot will be playing the Amazonian princess in her own movie, "Wonder Woman," to be released in June of 2017. New rumors and details are coming out about the movie, even though audiences won't see it for almost two years. Here are some things you need to know about the movie so you can wow your friends:

Part of the movie may take place in World War I

Affleck Gadot Batman vs SupermanIn a scene from "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice," Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) flirts with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) at a formal function. (Photo: Clay Enos/Warner Bros. via Entertainment Weekly)

In the Wonder Woman comics, the setting has almost always been World War II. This time, according to Heroic Hollywood, the first half of the movie will take place during World War I, with the latter half taking place in the present day. Any sequels will show Wonder Woman's alter ego Diana Prince's doings during the 1940s. Since the superhero is rumored to be 200 years old during the events of "Batman vs. Superman," this should be consistent with her movie origin story.

It will start shooting in London in November

Chris Pine in Wonder WomanChris Pine will play Diana Prince's love interest Steve Trevor in the 'Wonder Woman' movie. (Photo: Helga Esteb/Shutterstock)

Den of Geek confirmed that principal photography will begin in London in November. Yes, November 2015. So far the only confirmed cast members are Gadot and "Star Trek" star Chris Pine, playing Diana Prince's love interest and sidekick, Steve Trevor. There is word that Warner Bros. is in talks with "Game of Thrones" star Sean Bean and Eva Green of "Penny Dreadful" to play her arch enemies Ares and Circe, respectively.

Gal Gadot almost played a villain in 'Man of Steel'

Gal Gadot XnetGal Gadot was offered the role of a villain in "Man of Steel," but had to turn it down because she was pregnant. (Photo: Screenshot via Xnet)

Wonder Woman fans should send Gadot's daughter Alma some thank-you notes: If Gadot hadn't gotten pregnant with her just before being offered a role in 2013's "Man of Steel," she would have been cast in one of the villain's roles. Cinema Blend speculated that the role was Faora, the second-in-command to the evil Zod. Of course, since this is all part of the same canon, that would have kept her from getting the role of Wonder Woman.

Director Patty Jenkins also directed an episode of 'Arrested Development'

After "Breaking Bad" director Michelle MacLaren dropped out of the project, Warner Bros. selected "Monster" director Patty Jenkins to helm the film. Despite her success with "Monster," she bounced around TV for a bit. In fact, the follow-up to "Monster" was a 2004 episode of "Arrested Development" called "The One Where They Build a House." Let's hope that means she'll bring a comedic touch to what has tended to be a too-serious DC movie universe.

One of the shooting locations may be Basilicata, Italy

Cinema Blend recently published a Yahoo Italy report that the southern Italian town of Basilicata will be one of the movie's shooting locations. With its ancient structures and ruins, it seems like a good place to stage scenes that take place on Wonder Woman's home island of Themyscira. That is, of course, if Themyscira is actually part of the movie.

Screenwriter Jason Fuchs was in the movie version of 'Flipper.'

Jason Fuchs is primarily a screenwriter now, having written movies like "Pan" and "Ice Age: Continental Drift." But he has also been acting since the age of 7, with his biggest role being in the musical version of "A Christmas Carol." His big screen debut was at the age of 10, in the 1996 movie version of "Flipper," starring Elijah Wood and Paul Hogan. Yes, Paul Hogan of "Crocodile Dundee" fame. If that's not running the pop culture gamut, we don't know what is.


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A sneak peek of the upcoming 'Wonder Woman' movie
Setting, shooting locations and casting rumors revealed.