The sisters The sisters The sisters (Photo: Nikolay Vasilev)

Twin sisters use common household item to create spellbinding celebrity portraits

Ever heard of tape art? Find out how these former models take it to new and unexpected heights.

Sometimes it takes a bit of ingenuity to make something basic look exceptional. This is certainly the case with Sonya and Bronya Benidetter's artistic medium of choice, tape art. It's technically quite simple – it involves little more than a bit of tape, a knife to cut the tape, and a hard surface.

"We do a sketch beforehand. Then we plan out the execution," Bronya told From The Grapevine over a bowl of pasta at a trattoria in Tel Aviv, Israel. "Afterward it's just the tape and executing.That's it."

But the 22-year-olds, who were born in Russia and now call Israel home, have drawn the interest of the art world. Their signature style consists of uncanny portraits of celebrities such as Elvis, Madonna, Snoop Dogg and Salvador Dali, all done with a colorful flourish.

Bronya explained the inspiration behind their work: "We like to do what we like. So Snoop Dogg, we like his music. Many actors and actresses, thinkers and artists."

The sistersIn four years, Sonya and Bronya Benidetter have made a name for themselves in the art world. (Photo: Nikolay Vasilev)

Though already accomplished artists, the twins have only been at it since 2011, when their brother Nikolai taught them the technique. Since then it's been something of a whirlwind, with their work shown in Switzerland and Amsterdam and inquiries being made as far away as New York.

In an effort to promote themselves, they've been active on social media and YouTube, where they post fun and funky videos of themselves assembling the portraits and performing for the camera.

It's obvious to anyone who views the videos that the two have a natural on-screen presence, no surprise considering that they've been modeling since they were children back home in St. Petersburg.

Sonya and Bronya Benidetter create portraits of celebrities whom they admire, such as Madonna.Sonya and Bronya Benidetter create portraits of celebrities whom they admire, such as Madonna. (Photo: Nikolay Vasilev)

But for now, Sonya and Bronya are earning attention for their artistic talents. So what – and who – is next on the horizon?

"Maybe we'll do a portrait of Albert Einstein. We're not sure. We'll need to discuss it," Bronya said. "And we'd like to exhibit our work around the world, especially in New York. And we'd like to sell our work at Art Basel," she said referring to the prestigious annual art show.

Sonya, who had barely made a sound during the interview, piped up. "It's our dream," she said.


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