Julianne Moore (left) and Robert De Niro are shopping around a new TV show. Julianne Moore (left) and Robert De Niro are shopping around a new TV show. Julianne Moore (left) and Robert De Niro are shopping around a new TV show. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Huh?!? TV networks bid on show they’ve never seen

Amazon snatched up new series from 3 Academy Award winners, sight unseen.

The famous line about "Seinfeld" was that it was a show about nothing. That moniker may apply even better to a new series currently under development.

Three American Academy Award winners – actor Robert De Niro, actress Julianne Moore and director David O. Russell – are teaming up for a new TV show. While that in and of itself is news, it gets a little more interesting: At the moment, they're not saying what the show is about.

After some intense bidding from prestige networks like HBO, Showtime and Netflix, the official word now is that Amazon will host the show. The streaming service has already agreed to air two seasons of the series.

Alexandra Milchan“I believe in finding the best place for every project,” Alexandra Milchan once told Variety. (Photo: Getty Images)

The show will be co-produced by Israeli producer Alexandra Milchan, whose "Wolf of Wall Street" was also nominated for an Academy Award. (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree: Alexandra's father, prolific Israeli producer Arnon Milchan, received an Oscar nomination for his work on another Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Revenant.")

It seems, now more than ever, networks are willing to think outside the box to attract easily distracted viewers to new shows. Recently, HBO announced that it had greenlit a show in which Natalie Portman has a twin sister named Fern who just happens to be a diaper-wearing chimp. Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres is giving three grandmothers a reality show. And Albert Einstein joined the crime-fighting crew at the CW's "Legends of Tomorrow."

Diving deep into the idea bin for new TV series seems to be de rigueur. To quote another classic "Seinfeld" phrase: Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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