rick and morty rick and morty 'Speedpaint: Rick and Morty' by Cheez Wheelz. (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube)

5 glorious pieces of 'Rick and Morty' fan art you haven't seen

From the U.S. to Israel to the Netherlands, artists are going ham over this show.

With "Rick and Morty" Season 3 about to come out, we decided to take a look at the artists around the world who are excited over a cynical, surprisingly capable scientist and his terrified grandson. We scoured the Internet for some "Rick and Morty" fan art that impressed us, made us laugh and creeped us out in ways we'll probably never fully get over. For instance, this gem:

"Rick and Morty forever for 100 years" by Andy Flack.'Rick and Morty forever for 100 years' by Andy Flack. (Photo: Andy Flack/DeviantArt)

Weirded out yet? American artist Andy Flack thought this Ricktastic version of an infinite snake (a snake eating its own tail) would be the perfect way to express how deeply Rick is embedded in our universe.

The idea has been around in different forms for a while; Plato described a snake eating its tail as the first living thing. "The living being had no need of eyes because there was nothing outside of him to be seen," Plato wrote, "nor of ears because there was nothing to be heard; and there was no surrounding atmosphere to be breathed ..."

"Rick and Morty Fanart" by Lior Arditi.'Rick and Morty' Fanart' by Lior Arditi. (Photo: Lior Arditi/Behance)

We like the 3-D, claymation-like styling of this one. In fact, a claymation "Rick and Morty" would be kind of perfect – things could get just that much hilariously grosser when all your characters are made of what is essentially moist dirt.

Artist Lior Arditi, who hails from the northern Israeli city of Rehovot, posted this on Behance, writing that anyone who isn't familiar with "Rick and Morty" needs to immediately get familiar with it, broh.

"Rick and Morty Colored Version" by Heat16.'Rick and Morty Colored Version' by Joachim Heijndermans. (Photo: Joachim Heijndermans/DeviantArt)

Netherlands artist Joachim Heijndermans first made a black and white version of this drawing (which can sometimes look cooler than a colored version), but later decided it needed some hue.

"Looks great!" wrote The Kubert School, a cartooning and graphic art school in New Jersey, about Heijnderman's piece on DeviantArt. When The Kubert School likes your cartoon, you're doing something right.

"Tooth Decay" by CoyChimera.'Tooth Decay' by CoyChimera. (Photo: Garth/DeviantArt)

Ahhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Okay, so if you weren't sure how to capture the inner drives of these characters, minus all the benefits of toothpaste ... American artist Garth figured out a fairly accurate way to do it. Although Rick looks more Beetlejuice than downtrodden scientist.

This drawing is the updated version of an older one than just featured Rick, and we think Morty adds a lot to the picture, such as some incredibly detailed decaying teeth.

rick and morty'The Lab' by Riffschievous. (Photo: Riffschievous/Sketchport)

This one's dark in a less manic way than the last piece, which goes a long way to capture Rick's soul. Rick is home sweet home in a pile of dangerous chemicals, dirty magazines and scuffed-up jeans, kind of like how we imagine tiny (teenage) Rick's room looked like. What is he thinking about? Taking over the universe? Making up with his ex? Building a robot bartender?

It's so Rick, really: we want to binge-watch this superhero, and he just wants to sit around.


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5 glorious pieces of 'Rick and Morty' fan art you haven't seen
From the U.S. to Israel to the Netherlands, artists are going ham over this Adult Swim show.