Atarim Square Atarim Square A boy appears to burst out of a column in a parking garage at the Atarim Square underpass, near the Tel Aviv Marina. (Photo: Richard Margolis / Israel Public Art)

Urban Whimsy: Rami Meiri's outdoor murals make buildings entertaining

Artist's playful murals have been featured around the world.

On concrete walls throughout the world, colorful characters interact with their environment in paintings that warrant more than just a double take. Rami Meiri's mischievous murals can be hard to miss – and that's a good thing. 

Funny faces, peeping Toms and realistic characters bring curiosity to the streets. Meiri's signature style brings smiles and laughter to all who pass by. Using acrylic paint, boards and sometimes props, Meiri transforms a blank column, wall, or even an entire building, into something worth seeing.

His work dots the streets of Tel Aviv, but is not limited to Israel. He has been commissioned to create murals in the United States, Argentina, Germany and China, and he continues to create art around the world. More recently, Meiri has been conducting workshops to get members of the community involved with the art process. With Meiri's leadership, employees have gotten out and helped to paint their own office walls and high school students have been able to leave their marks. 

Truly, Meiri's work brings communities together in more ways than one."I have been making whimsy through murals for 35 years," Rami Meiri told From the Grapevine. "I like to bring funny figures to balance the life under pressure here."

Indeed, Meiri's murals incite smiles in laughter not just in Tel Aviv but around the world.

For a hearty chuckle (or several), check out some of Meiri's most amusing murals:

Rami Meiri muralThe most famous mural by Rami Meiri adorns the wall across the street from the HaShalom Train Station in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Richard Margolis/Israel Public Art)

Couple on a wallPaint on board, this couple sitting on the wall almost looks like real people, blending in with passersby at the corner of Ebn-Gvirol and Arlozorov streets in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Richard Margolis/Israel Public Art)

Ft Lauderdale muralA man appears to be peeking in the window at a shop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Photo: Rami Meiri/

Vine muralA mural adorning the outside of a Tel Aviv art studio incorporates vines. (Photo: Richard Margolis/Israel Public Art)

Buenos Aires muralA before-and-after look at one of Meiri's murals in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Photo: Rami Meiri/

Mural in GermanyA mural depicts people relaxing by a pool, on a building in Cologne, Germany. (Photo: Tim Bartel/Flickr)

Peeping Tom Painted on the side of a shower building in Tel Aviv, two boys look as though they are peeping through the window. (Photo: Richard Margolis/Israel Public Art)

Topsy turvy mural in ChinaOptical illusions fit well on the side of this building in Shenzhen, China. (Photo: Rami Meiri/

Rami Meiri paintingRami Meiri in action, painting a mural in Tel Mond, Israel, about an hour north of Tel Aviv. (Photo: Rami Meiri/Wikimedia Commons)

Playful cutouts on German high school Cutouts interact with each other on the side of Albert Schweitzer High School in Kassel, Germany. (Photo: Rami Meiri/


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Urban Whimsy: Rami Meiri's outdoor murals make buildings entertaining
Artist's playful murals have been featured around the world.