Colorfood Emanuele Pollini Colorfood Emanuele Pollini Photographer Dan Lev shoots a unique presentation bu chef Emanuele Pollini for his latest Colorfood exhibition. (Photo: Dan Lev)

Photographer combines food and art in Colorfood

Dan Lev recruits famous chefs to create edible works of art.

Through the mixture of ingredients, taste and mise en place, we plunge into the delicious world of Israeli food photographer Dan Lev. His own vision of contemporary cuisine will be on display in Colorfood, a new exhibit to be installed at the Israeli Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, the international expo that is being held in Italy between May 1 and Oct. 31, 2015.

Lev, who lives in Tel Aviv, studied photography at Camera Obscura and the School of Visual Arts in New York. He is working with Michelin chefs and stylists from all over the world, but in the last two years he realized that for the Colorfood exhibit, his best pictures were of Italian and Israeli cuisine art.

Colorfood Iside De CesareChef Iside De Cesare arranging her dish for Dan Lev's Colorfood shoot. (Photo: Dan Lev)

“The daily grind of a photographer, a chef and a stylist prompted the impulse to stop for a moment, to allow infinite creativity, talent and a flight of emotions. This is how the show was born,” Lev told From The Grapevine. His design choices encourage cooperation between Israeli and Italian chefs in a creative process that reflects all stages of food preparation.

Colorfood Francesco ApredaChef Francesco Apreda shows Israeli food stylist Dalit Russo and photographer Dan Lev how he's arranging his dish for Lev's Colorfood photo shoot. (Photo: Dan Lev)

This is an era when appreciation of good food and creative cooking is at its highest-ever point; people look at food as symbols of culture, tradition and socialization. The subject inspiring Expo Milano 2015 – feeding the planet, energy for life – fits that trend well. With Colorfood, Lev created a project to tickle your tummy and touch your soul.

Lev chose picturesque locations in Lombardia, in Northern Italy, for the photo shoot. He started his photographic tour from Cantina Travaglino, in the town of Calvignano, in the hills above Casteggio, where the event of the day was entirely dedicated to women chefs, shooting with Iside De Cesare, Victoire Gouloubi and Aurora Mazzucchelli.

Colorfood Bonetta dell-OglioChef Bonetta dell'Oglio creates a volcano for Dan Lev's latest Colorfood exhibition. (Photo: Dan Lev)

Then, the shoot moved to the new restaurant D'O of the chef Davide Oldani and St. Peter's Church Square in San Pietro all’Olmo in Cornaredo (Milan). Among the shooting locations were the Michelin-starred restaurants Pomiroeu, chef Giancarlo Morelli's intimate courtyard restaurant in Via Garibaldi in Seregno (Monza), and Devero, run by noted chef Enrico Bartolini.

Colorfood Fausto OnetoFausto Oneto arranges some greenery under a rendering of a rainbow for Dan Lev's Colorfood shoot. (Photo: Dan Lev)

“Chefs are artists just as artists can be chefs. In other words, chefs use the colors of the food to create their edible masterpieces," said Lev. 

Colorfood VictoireChef Victoire preparing her dish for Dan Lev's Colorfood photo shoot (Photo: Dan Lev)

Recently, a preview of Colorfood 2015 with Israeli chefs has been presented at the docks in the port of Jaffa and in a total white version at the Museum of Art of Tel Aviv. Lev is now planning another show to support a good cause. “Now I’m preparing a total pink version of Colorfood 2015 dedicated to the campaign against breast cancer.”


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Photographer combines food and art in Colorfood
Dan Lev recruits famous chefs to create edible works of art.