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'Aya' and her wild airport ride earn an Oscar nod

It's been an 'amazing journey' for the creative team behind the Israeli short film.

A whimsical Instagram account you should be following

This Illustrator elevates doodles to an art form.

NBC drama 'Allegiance' revives spy intrigue

Keshet-produced series looks to be a hit this season.

Shamel Pitts brings Brooklyn to Israel

The New York-born Batsheva dancer talks about meeting his mentor and his Tel Aviv event series.

Meet the woman behind the villain in 'Jane the Virgin'

French-Israeli actress Yael Grobglas plays Petra in the award-winning CW series.

Can you name these gorgeous international celebrities?

Try your hand at the celebrity name game.

5 sculptors to discover on Etsy

These artists are turning their hobbies into businesses via the online craft site.

From repurposed space to nightlife destination

The club Kartel has brought the 'cool' to downtown Haifa.

American blues dancing swings into Tel Aviv

A blues dancing festival gets people moving.

The fashion designer behind 'that dress' in 'The Hunger Games'

'Project Runway Israel' winner has also designed dresses for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

Art-savvy cities around the world

Art is alive and well in these 7 capitals of creativity.

Graphic artist reimagines cityscapes into striking drawings

Yoni Alter's bold work utilizes skyscrapers, transportation icons and other elements.

Why your best camera also sends texts

Two accomplished photographers extoll the virtues of mobile phone photography.

Travel the world through this photographer's lens

Atalia Katz brings the world a little bit closer through her striking images.

National Medal of Honor museum to be built in South Carolina

Project helmed by Safdie Architects expected to break ground next year.