Arts - Page 58

What is box office gold around the world?

Some of the films that have gone #1 internationally may surprise you.

Why AMC and FX have HBO to thank for their hit shows

At the INTV conference, HBO chief expresses regret over passing on 'Mad Men.'

Pop music group OneRepublic to tour the world

Get ready by listening to some of their all-time favorite songs.

Scary and creepy films to watch on Friday the 13th

Whether you're superstitious or not, these films will fill the bill on the 'unlucky' day.

'Dig' actor primes for big breakout

Ori Pfeffer’s star is on the rise with his new role in USA drama.

Where are HBO and Sony going for their next big idea?

When TV studios are looking for out-of-the-box ideas, this is where they go.

The many faces of 'The Bachelor'

Wannabe TV wives around the world are vying for that elusive rose (and ring).

‘Connected’ show going live this month on AOL

Release date announced for web-based reality series that's a first for the online service.

It's elementary! New Sherlock Holmes movie out this summer

Sir Ian McKellen plays the legendary sleuth.

'Dancing with the Stars' editions a hit around the world

Celebrate the show's 10th U.S. anniversary by watching these hot moves from all over the planet.

'Dig' unearths a twisty mystery

The creators of 'Homeland' and 'Heroes' bring an adventurous limited series to USA Network.

The upbeat art reaching a global audience

'Naïve art' requires little interpretation to appreciate its simplicity and vibrance.

Sony World Photography Awards announces shortlist

The world's largest photo competition had a record number of entries.

Greatest hits from ‘The Voice’

The talent contest has been spinning off in versions around the world. Let's see the highlights.

Acoustic cover band puts new spin on popular singles

You won't recognize Led Zeppelin's 'Black Dog' when you hear DNM's Mediterranean rendition.