botox injections botox injections Botox injections are popular with middle-aged women who apparently also like to frequent the local theater. (Photo: Studio Peace/Shutterstock)

At one theater, patrons get an unexpected ... lift

Botox and anti-aging skin treatments are an attempt to help its audience feel youthful.

It's not unheard of, nor is it front-page news, for a theater to offer a generous helping of swag as a token of thanks for its loyal patrons. But one venue, the Kiryat Motzkin theater outside Haifa, Israel, in the country's northern region, has taken the swag strategy to ... you might say ... gravity-defying levels.

The 900-seat theater hall, open since 2010, has about 11,000 subscribers who attend all manner of the events on offer at the theater – including children's plays, dance, folk and entertainment shows and classical music performances. And now, those subscribers who renew their memberships this month are being rewarded – with youth. They're being gifted one Botox gift certificate and two anti-aging skin treatments at a clinic in Israel.

Skincare masks provide some of the rewards of a spa facial from the comfort of your home. Care for an anti-aging mud mask after a night at the theater? (Photo: Shutterstock )

Sure, it's not your average take-home prize. But for theater manager Dafna Zuri, it was an idea born simply out of a desire to give back to loyal patrons.

The Kiryat Motzkin theater on the outskirts of Haifa, Israel. The Kiryat Motzkin theater on the outskirts of Haifa, Israel. (Photo: Courtesy)

"We don't stand with syringes in the theater and administer [Botox] to the spectators," Zuri explained. "Since the audience is composed mainly of women – and of course men have these treatments too – they get the gift."

She said the company that offers the treatments initially reached out to her hoping to help with promotion at the theater, and she accepted.

"If we can do something nice, why not?"


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