Picture of Neta Tesler of Knots Studio Picture of Neta Tesler of Knots Studio Neta Tesler started Knots Studio in 2013. (Photo: Ami Tesler)

This studio owner puts a unique twist on furniture

See how Neta Tesler's nautically inspired home decor products are created.

Since launching Knots Studio in 2013, Neta Tesler has had little trouble finding an audience for her home decor products.

This isn't surprising considering their unique design and construction.

A cushion by Knots StudioNeta Tesler's designs are influenced by her childhood by the beach. (Photo: Ami Tesler)

"The technique I use is a tying technique, the same way you make [knots] on a sailboat," she told From The Grapevine.

Tubes are made of a thick styrofoam and then wrapped in an upholstery material. They can run up to 32 feet in length before being tied into floor cushions and stools.

Knots Studio workspace Knots Studio furniture is made with styrofoam tubes that can reach up to 30 feet long. (Photo: Knots Studio Facebook)

Tesler grew up on the beach on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Israel, and has always had an affinity for all things nautical.

"When I was a child my father and grandfather had a boat and we'd go fishing and all of that and when I grew up I still loved the beach – even now our offices in Tel Aviv are not far from it," she said.

So when it came time a few years ago to think up an idea for her senior school project at Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, she knew exactly where to turn for inspiration.

A wooden ring used to clasp the knots of the Knots Studio cushion.Neta Tesler's grandfather makes the wooden rings she uses for her cushions. (Photo: Ami Tesler)

"I really love the aesthetics of the nautical world – the sand, the water, the boats – and it's something I really wanted to explore from a design standpoint," she said.

She explored different tying techniques, even going so far as to visit the marina in Tel Aviv to study the knots on the boats there.

The school project design was so well received that she decided to parlay it into a business, and so Knots Studio was formed. Today, she employs two people and in addition to the cushions and stools sells midline cushions and loop hangers.

Neta Tesler sitting on one of her cushionsNeta Tesler's designs are both stylish and functional. (Photo: Knots Design Facebook)

The products are sold around the world, with several brick-and-mortar stores in the United States carrying her line, including Baboo San Francisco and Seattle's Cocos House. And you can, of course, purchase Tesler's creations through the Knots Studio website.

And while Tesler's business remains small, success means the company is bound to grow, and in more ways than one.

"People keep asking me to make bigger products, like couches. So that's my next project," she said.

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This studio owner puts a unique twist on furniture
Neta Tesler's Knots Studio makes popular cushions and stools with a design inspired by the nautical world.