Concept rendering of 'Laugh.' Concept rendering of 'Laugh.' Concept rendering of 'Laugh.' (Photo: Eyal Gever)

NASA teams with artist for project that's out of this world

Plan is to create the first work of art in outer space.

NASA has accomplished many things in outer space, but creating a work of art is not one of them. Well, that's about to change. They are teaming up with Israeli artist Eyal Gever and American tech firm Made in Space to create the first work of art to be made off our planet.

Gever is known for work that combines art with technology, and that is exactly what he'll be doing this time. He has come up with the concept of crowdsourcing laughter, making a digital representation of it, then beaming it up to space.

"Laugh," as it's currently titled, will be created on a 3D printer designed by Made in Space. Gever, who attended Jerusalem’s prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, is wasting no time in appealing to the people of this planet to provide him with the material he needs for the project.

“People from all around the world can record themselves laughing, visualize it via an app and share it with their friends. The laughter with the most shares and retweets after three months will be sent to the International Space Station to be 3D-printed and then released into orbit,” he was quoted as saying.

On his website Gever explained that "Laugh" as "a mathematically accurate encapsulation of human laughter, simply floating through space, waiting to be discovered."

To get a better idea of the possibilities of this project in the hands of Gever, check out a video of his recent installation "Waterdancer."


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